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Nigel Smart

Adelaide Crows Football Club arch handling officer and former footballer Nigel Smart. Picture: Sarah Reed
Source: The Advertiser

ADELAIDE Crows arch handling officer Nigel Smart believes Essendon is approaching to remove a premiership points.

Smart, a former Crows star who was allocated to his purpose in Jan this year, knows what it’s like to be during a bar that has felt a force of AFL House after his bar was authorised over a Kurt Tippett breeze tampering affair.

Asked on ABC Radio on Sunday what he suspicion was approaching to occur to a Bombers – who are confronting examination over their argumentative supplements procedure in 2011 and 2012 – Smart pronounced he suspicion a Bombers might be in critical strife.

“It will all come out in a report, that’s usually a few days away,” Smart said.

“In a finish that news will fact what it will detail, though we consider Essendon will get strike by a AFL in terms of bringing a diversion into shame and we wouldn’t be astounded if they remove their points for a year.”

Exactly when Smart – and a football universe – will learn of any intensity penalties a Bombers might face appears some time off yet.

The AFL announced on Friday night it had perceived ASADA’s 400-plus page request questioning a AFL club.

AFL General Counsel Andrew Dillon will examination ASADA’s news into Essendon’s purported drug breaches before last what movement should be taken.

That was followed by Essendon announcing on Sunday afternoon a AFL had now upheld that news to a club.

“Essendon Football Club can endorse it has perceived a halt ASADA Report from a AFL,” a Bombers pronounced in a matter on Sunday afternoon.

“The bar will examination a news and respond in due course. All parties are firm by despotic confidentiality and a Club is not in a position to make any serve comment.”

Report’s in, now it’s adult to a Commission

Meanwhile, AFL arch Andrew Demetriou was not among those to lapse on Sunday when an AFL delegation, who have only spent a week in a US on a fact-finding mission, jetted into Melbourne.

The joining has reliable Demetriou now isn’t approaching behind until Wednesday.

Instead, emissary arch Gillon McLachlan was greeted by watchful TV cameras.

He pronounced he was uncertain when there would be any fortitude on a Bombers’ examination though he was approaching to lay down and start reading a ASADA news on Sunday afternoon.

“I don’t know,” McLachlan told a Nine Network when asked when he suspicion if he believed there might be an outcome before a finals.

“We’ll see where a news takes us.”


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Jobe Watson

Jobe Watson has not played given violation his collarbone in a collision with Justin Westhoff.
Source: Getty Images


Jobe Watson during training today.

JOBE Watson will take on Collingwood during a MCG tomorrow manager James Hird insisted today.

The Bombers’ captain pennyless his collarbone opposite Port Adelaide on Jul 7 and had medicine a following day.

He lerned with teammates during Windy Hill this morning, though onlookers could not see if he was wearing any stuffing or chubby as he was wearing a coupler over his training top.

Hird pronounced he was assured a bar is fixation no undue risk on Watson’s shoulder by personification him opposite a Magpies.

He pronounced a Brownlow medallist would not have to wear a protecting ensure while playing.

“I consider that’s a doctor’s call and a surgeon’s call and they’re unequivocally confident,” Hird said.

“They’re unequivocally assured he’ll get by a diversion and have no problems. And if they’re confident, we’re confident.

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Jack Grimes

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“His shoulder is good and he’s prepared to play.”

Hird uncertain if he’ll get report

With Michael Hurley out injured, Stewart Crameri returning around a VFL currently from an damage of his possess and immature gun Joe Daniher omitted, Scott Gumbleton will lead a Essendon’s conflict opposite Collingwood.

The 25-year-old has clearly overcome a behind issues that have tormented him given he was drafted with collect No.2 in 2006, though has been limited to only 5 comparison games this year due to a multiple of group change and an ankle injury.

Hird pronounced he would place no additional vigour on Gumbleton to perform in a deficiency of Hurley and Crameri.

“Scotty’s been in unequivocally good form in a pot and played during a unequivocally high customary for a prolonged time,” Hird said.

“He played some (senior) games early in a year, got an ankle injury, and he’s worked his approach behind in to a team, unequivocally forced his approach behind in to a team.

“I consider one of a advantages of carrying so many peculiarity talls in a group is that they have to put a poison on themselves.

“We’ve got a lot of options adult brazen and down behind in that high conditions so they know that to get behind in to that group you’ve got to force your approach in _ we don’t palm out opportunities in that area. Scott’s finished that and hopefully he can put some good form on a house tomorrow afternoon.”

Hird pronounced ruckmen Paddy Ryder and Tom Bellchambers would also spend some-more time adult forward.

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Brent Harvey

North Melbourne maestro Brent Harvey tip scored with 130 points. Picture: Getty
Source: Getty Images

WHO starred and who stunk it adult for a SuperCoach sides in Round 17.


ROOS STUDS: BOOMER Harvey nonetheless again wound a time behind with 37 disposals for a game-high 130 SuperCoach points. Scott Thompson topsy-turvy out 121 opposite Tomahawk, while Drew Petrie also burst a ton.

Get all SuperCoach scores now

ROOS DUDS: NOT Many. Todd Goldstein was huge in a ruck, though his prevalence usually alike to 82 points. Lindsay Thomas constructed 70.

CATS STUDS: STEVIE J tip scored – though not with a turn of points he’s turn accustomed to lately. He scored 106, while Stokes, Selwood and Motlop all scraped their approach to triple figures.

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Jobe Watson

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CATS DUDS: TOM Hawkins doesn’t demeanour right and was limited to only 42 points from one goal. Mark Blicavs was outclassed, scoring only 31 points.

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North Melbourne have scored their excellent win of a AFL deteriorate after upsetting Geelong by 10 points.

Melbourne Football Club

Mark Neeld and Neil Craig. Picture: Nicole Garmston

NORTH Melbourne’s coaching staff could be bolstered by Mark Neeld subsequent season.

Senior manager Brad Scott suggested he has met with Neeld to plead his skeleton for 2014, adding he rates a axed Demons manager highly.

The span crossed paths for dual years during Collingwood, where Neeld worked as an partner underneath Mick Malthouse and Scott began his try into a hop as a growth coach.

SuperCoach scores, stats and more

Asked about a chances of luring Neeld to Arden St, Scott said: “I’d suppose Mick Malthouse, Nathan Buckley and Scott Watters are substantially interested, too, since we’ve all coached with Neeldy.’’

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Brent Harvey

Jobe Watson

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Neeld settled after his sacking he wanted to sojourn in a AFL industry.

“We’re operative tough towards bolstering a footy dialect subsequent year and I’m friends with Neeldy and we have held adult with him for a coffee only to speak about what he wants to do subsequent year,’’ Scott told SEN.

Mark Neeld

Demons manager Mark Neeld speaks to his group during three-quarter time final Saturday.
Source: Getty Images

“But there’s a ruin of a lot of H2O to pass underneath a overpass there. We’re happy with a coaches during a moment, though we’re always looking to improve.

“He’s a good coach, Neeldy. I’ve seen him first-hand as an partner coach. Neeldy had a tough time, though that doesn’t take divided his ability. we consider he’s got a lot to offer a AFL industry.”

Neeld lasted only 33 games as comparison manager during Melbourne. But sacked coaches mostly tend to continue during new clubs a following season.

Brett Ratten is regarded as one of a unsung heroes during Hawthorn this year, where he serves as partner to Alastair Clarkson after being consummated by Carlton, while Matthew Primus (Port Adelaide) landed during Gold Coast this season.

Scott coined a new phrase, dogmatic his side had been “Khawaja-ed” by a idea examination complement final night.

Nathan Vardy’s shot seemed to strike a post, and Scott told his players to set adult for a kick-out, before carrying a idea validated by a video umpire.

He pronounced he told his assistants in a box they’d been “Khawaja-ed” by a review.

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Power v Dees

Demon Aaron Davey will start in a immature vest.  Picture: Wayne Ludbey
Source: Herald Sun

HAWTHORN: Max Bailey (corked hip) out, transposed by Jon Ceglar

GWS GIANTS: Stephen Coniglio
MELBOURNE: Aaron Davey
HAWTHORN: Brendan Whitecross
RICHMOND: Shane Tuck


GWS v Melbourne

B: P.Davis, J.Bruce, C.Hampton
HB: N.Haynes, T.Mohr, Z.Williams
C: D.Shiel, A.Treloar, L.Whitfield

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Melbourne Football Club

Brent Harvey

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HF: J.Cameron, A.Tomlinson, M.Whiley
F: D.Smith, D.Brogan, T.Bugg
R: J.Giles, C.Ward, T.Scully
I/C: T.Adams, S.Coniglio, T.Greene, A.Kennedy
EMG: S.Darley, S.Gilham, N.Wilson
In: S.Coniglio , L.Whitfield
Out: S.Darley (Omitted) , W.Hoskin-Elliott (Concussion)

B: L.Dunn, C.Pedersen, D.Terlich
HB: C.Garland, T.McDonald, M.Clisby
C: J.Viney, J.Trengove, J.Grimes
HF: M.Jones, J.Watts, J.Howe
F: D.Kent, M.Gawn, J.Fitzpatrick
R: J.Spencer, C.Sylvia, N.Jones
I/C: J.Toumpas, S.Byrnes, A.Davey, L.Tapscott
EMG: J.McKenzie, D.Nicholson, T.Davis
In: D.Terlich , C.Garland , J.Spencer
Out: J.Frawley (Hamstring) , C.Dawes (Calf) , S.Blease (Omitted)

Hawthorn v Richmond

B: B.Stratton, B.Lake, B.Guerra
HB: B.Sewell, J.Gibson, L.Hodge
C: I.Smith, S.Mitchell, B.Hill
HF: J.Gunston, J.Roughead, L.Breust
F: S.Burgoyne, L.Franklin, C.Rioli
R: M.Bailey, J.Lewis, P.Puopolo
I/C: B.Whitecross, D.Hale, T.Duryea, S.Savage 21
EMG: J.Ceglar, K.Cheney, J.Simpkin
In: S.Burgoyne
Out: J.Simpkin (Omitted)

B: S.Morris, A.Rance, D.Astbury
HB: C.Newman, T.Chaplin, N.Vlastuin
C: S.Grigg, T.Cotchin, D.Jackson
HF: M.White, S.Edwards, B.Ellis
F: L.McGuane, J.Riewoldt, D.Martin
R: I.Maric, B.Deledio, N.Foley
I/C: B.Houli, R.Conca 30, O.Stephenson, S.Tuck
EMG: J.Batchelor, S.Lonergan, R.Nahas
In: L.McGuane, O.Stephenson, D.Astbury
Out: R.Petterd (Groin) , T.Vickery (Concussion) , M.Arnot (Back)

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Dustin Martin

Dustin Martin in movement final week.
Source: News Limited

RICHMOND boss Gary Mar stays assured rising star Dustin Martin will join Jack Riewoldt in penning a new understanding during Punt Rd.

Martin is out of agreement and nonetheless to determine to terms with a Tigers, with his marketplace cost stability to soar on a behind of his stellar season.

Follow Richmond’s strife opposite Hawthorn with live SuperCoach scores

But Mar pronounced there was no delay, rather a bar had simply started talks with Martin’s government after than it did with Riewoldt.

“In new weeks we’ve got Dan Jackson sealed away, we’ve got Dylan Grimes sealed away, apparently Jack (Riewoldt) and we’re flattering assured we’ll get all a uncontracted players sealed away,” Mar told 3AW.

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Melbourne Football Club

Brent Harvey

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Riewoldt final month re-signed for 3 years, knocking behind abounding offers from opposition clubs.

Martin, 22, has carried his ordering normal to 25 this year, while slotting 20.25 and has managed to pitch games with harmful bursts opposite a half-forward line.

AFL Round 17: Richmond v Fremantle

AFL Round 17: Richmond v Fremantle during a MCG, Melbourne 21st Jul 2013, Dustin Martin gets a flog divided Picture: Petch Colleen

“We had utterly a series of uncontracted players this year and substantially we started with a talks with Dustin after we started with Jack, so Jack’s talks were serve advanced,” March, who will leave a Tigers during a finish of a deteriorate after 8 years as president, said.

“So there’s no reason up, it’s only going by a routine during a moment. Dusty’s in most improved form than he was final year, he was unhappy with his form final year.

“His final four-five weeks have been outstanding.”


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Patrick Dangerfield

Adelaide Crows midfielder Patrick Dangerfield. Picture: Sarah Reed.
Source: The Advertiser

PORT Adelaide has designed strait skeleton forward of a Showdown with doubt slow over a aptness of Shaun McKernan, Ben Rutten and Patrick Dangerfield.

There is a sheer disproportion in a dual teams proceed to Showdown XXXV during AAMI Stadium, a final derby during a venue.

Port has kept Cam Hitchock out of SANFL duties with Glenelg as an word process though design to go in unvaried though Adelaide manager Brenton Sanderson has announced he will not be certain of his side until hours before a match.

The Power are approaching to send Kane Cornes to Dangerfield to stop a Crows’ many dangerous midfield hazard – he ran with Dangerfield in a final Showdown – though know they will have to devise for several scenarios in a ruck and when relating adult with a Crows’ attack.

The other non-static is either Sam Kerridge, who has been named as a Crows’ emergency, will be a late inclusion. If he is, he is approaching to turn a tagger reserved to Chad Wingard, whom he has successfully faced before in youth ranks.

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Dustin Martin

Melbourne Football Club

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Port partner manager Shaun Rehn, a former Crows premiership player, highlighted a significance of a compare as a Power find to concrete a finals mark and a Crows’ finals chances are unresolved by a thread.

“It’s a satisfactory bit during a finish of it, for both clubs,’’ Rehn said. “More than there has been during this time of a year for a past integrate of years.

“And we know Adelaide has got a integrate of injuries as well.

“We’re anticipating, obviously, that Paddy Dangerfield entrance behind in, and Rutten. But outward of that it will be a Showdown as per normal.’’

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Former Wallabies harlot Jeremy Paul praises a restraint and majority of a Brumbies as they ready for a Super Rugby final with a Chiefs.

George Smith

George Smith will be a pivotal for a Brumbies opposite a Chiefs.
Source: Getty Images

THE Brumbies’ pull for Super Rugby excellence goes on a line opposite a Chiefs today. Follow a movement with a live discuss of a Super Rugby final.

Rugby author Iain Payten will cover a diversion with a live discuss of a Super Rugby final. Login to follow all a movement and hearten on a Brumbies.

You can also keep adult to date with all a movement during a compare centre, that facilities live scores, statistics and video highlights updated via a game.

The live discuss starts during 5.30pm, only click play on a symbol below.

On a mobile device? Click here for a improved observation experience


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George Smith

Jake White

Nic White

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Sam Stosur

Samantha Stosur kick second seed Agnieszka Radwanska 7-5 2-6 6-3.
Source: AFP

AUSTRALIAN Samantha Stosur and Virginie Razzano of France have both reached their fist semi-finals of a deteriorate with strained wins during a Southern California Open.

Stosur, a former US Open champion seeded fifth, put out second seed Agnieszka Radwanska 7-5 2-6 6-3, holding dual and a half hours on a day of extensive matches to go through.

The unseeded Razzano over furious label entrance and some-more by overwhelming 2011 Wimbledon leader and third seed Petra Kvitova of a Czech Republic in a 6-7 7-5 7-6 marathon that took some-more than 3 and a half hours.

The Frenchwoman ranked series 131, might have taken some impulse from compatriot Marion Bartoli’s Wimbledon win of final month as she reached a almost for a initial time in some-more than 4 years.

The 30-year-old squandered a party of compare points in a epic and saved dual from her high-profile competition on a approach to a upset. A Kvitova double-fault finished a struggle.

“I was nervous, I’m human. not a robot,” pronounced a gay Razzano.

“You infrequently feel stress. we attempted to concentration on a points.”

The competition incited into a second longest on a WTA this deteriorate after Bethanie Mattek-Sands and Anastasia Rodionova went 3:42 during Charleston 4 months ago.

Razzano subsequent takes on Stosur, with a Australian carrying won all 5 matches between a pair.

Razzano had not beaten a tip 10 actor given overwhelming Serena Williams in a initial turn of a French Open a year ago.

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Matt Priddis

Matt Priddis unsuccessful to join a group for today’s strife with Gold Coast. Picture: Michael Dodge
Source: Getty Images

WEST Coast has suffered a vital reversal forward of their strife with Gary Ablett and his Gold Coast Suns with star Eagles play-maker Matt Priddis ruled out.

Priddis, 28, suffered a thigh aria during training on Thursday and unsuccessful to redeem in time to take on a dangerous Suns midfield led by a shining Ablett.
Priddis was transposed in a starting choice by large defender Mitch Brown who had been approaching to play behind during East Fremantle in a WAFL competition.
Priddis is West Coast’s heading possession leader this deteriorate with 441 from 17 outings, during a healthy normal of 26 disposals a game.
He joins other tip midfielders Chris Masten (ankle), Daniel Kerr (knee) and Luke Shuey (hamstring) out of a Eagles’ on-ball division.
Masten suffered his ankle problem in final Sunday’s astonishing detriment to a Western Bulldogs in Melbourne.

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