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Kings revive NBL honour opposite Clippers

The Kings had put in a grand performance, staying between 4 and 10 points of a Clippers via a second half until a late run blew out a final measure to 110-91.

After going into a initial mangle down 28-17, it looked like it would be a prolonged night for a Australians again following Melbourne United’s detriment to Ben Simmons’ Philadelphia 76ers and a Perth Wildcats’ thrashing during a hands of Dante Exum’s Utah Jazz over a past dual days.

But a Kings showed copiousness of heart, pulling a measure behind to a five-point necessity during a categorical mangle and outscored a Clippers 37-31 in a second entertain in an considerable display.

While a Clippers pushed it behind out to an 82-72 scoreline during a finish of three, a Kings were still in a compare and were dire for a lead during times by a third.

It took until late in a fourth for a Clippers to get divided from a Kings.

Clippers brazen Montrezl Harrell swings from a basket after dunking opposite a Kings.Source:AP

Big name Kings signing Andrew Bogut scored eights points though was a large participation in a diversion with 8 rebounds, 4 assists, dual steals and a retard though his teammates have been holding adult a pointscoring slack.

Jerome Randle scored a diversion high 25 points, while Kevin Lisch scored 16 and Daniel Kickert had 13.

For a Clippers, Tobias Harris had 20 points and 11 rebounds, while Daniel Gallinari has 19 points for a match.

Los Angeles Clippers brazen Tobias Harris has his shot blocked by Bogut.Source:AP

Both sides had been bustling from outward a arc though weren’t means to browbeat with a Kings sharpened 9/25, while a Clippers are 9/33 attempts.

The Clippers finished second in a Western Conference Pacific Division in final years’ NBA though missed a playoffs with a 42-40 record.

The Kings gained copiousness of honour for their performance, generally after losing Bogut for some time after some knee hit in a initial half.

Speaking final week, Kings manager Andrew Gaze pronounced a Kings wouldn’t be overawed by their NBA opponents.

It was a knowledge final year opposite a Utah Jazz that has given a Kings a certainty to compete.

“I consider we are prepared, a guys that were there, since they got a initial palm knowledge opposite that turn of talent,” Gaze said.

“As such, you’re substantially not as awe-struck as we were a initial time around. But it doesn’t lessen a plea during all. There’s still a realization that this is a chosen level, a top turn we can play during in a universe adult opposite a group that has a eminent mythological manager that’s going to be good organized and benefaction us with some poignant problems.

“The guys are unequivocally vehement about a event to exam themselves and hopefully we can give a good comment of ourselves.”

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Rising star poses large problems for Cambage

But a soaring centre faces her biggest plea in Friday’s quarter-final opposite China in Spain – literally.

At 205cm, 18-year-old prodigy Han Xu is one of a few players in a universe taller than Cambage – notwithstanding by usually 2cm.

And China is aiming for a WNBA carefree to infer a disproportion in their knockout strife during Tenerife after Cambage’s prevalence of a contest to date.

Liz Cambage has been a star of a uncover in Spain so far.Source:Getty Images

Cambage has desirous a universe No.4 Opals’ dominant 3 diversion run to a finals, averaging a overwhelming tournament-high 27.7 points in usually 21 mins justice time per match.

The 27-year-old has not met her compare nonetheless though universe No.10 China are banking on Han to challenge, fluctuating her stellar rise.

Han is already earmarked for a WNBA notwithstanding a World Cup imprinting her initial comparison contest given starring for China’s under-17 and under-19 teams a past dual years.

Her strife with Cambage looms as a prominence though China captain Ting Shao certified a charge of interlude a intimidating Australian would come down to a group effort.

“We know Cambage given she has played in China, as good as in a WNBA,” she told

“We know that Australia are one of a best teams in a universe and demeanour brazen to personification opposite them.”

China are subsidy themselves after engagement a finals berth with an 87-81 delight over Japan – their initial feat over their Asian rivals in 7 years. Yet it stays to be seen who can unseat Cambage.

The London Olympic bronze medallist is full of certainty after this month apropos usually a third Australian to acquire WNBA All-Star selection, and initial given Lauren Jackson in 2010.

Han Xu will need to be delicately watched if Australia are to progress.

Han Xu will need to be delicately watched if Australia are to progress.Source:AAP

The Opals can book a semi-final opposite possibly Canada or universe No.2 Spain on Saturday before a intensity bullion award playoff with nine-time champions a United States.

Australia won a 2006 World Cup and also cumulative bronze in 1998, 2002 and 2014. Overwhelming favourites a US are now on an 18-game dominant World Cup streak.

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Import insists Bullets will be tough proposition

The 211cm Egwu has been brought into a patrol to cover for harmed centres Matt Hodgson (calf) and Will Magnay (ankle) who face a series of weeks on a sidelines with Brisbane’s season-opener usually around a dilemma on Oct 11.

The Nigerian-born, US-raised Egwu was in his hometown of Chicago scheming for a army in Malaysia when a Bullets motionless to temporarily activate their empty third import mark to accelerate their big-man stocks.

Egwu, 25, will play his initial diversion for a Bullets on Sunday on a Sunshine Coast opposite Illawarra with his army in Brisbane colours expected to final usually a handful of weeks with both Hodgson and Magnay on a highway to recovery.

BBrisbane Bullets import Nnanna Egwu is expected to usually stay a integrate of weeks.Source:Supplied

He spent a past dual NBL seasons with Cairns when he averaged roughly 6 points, 5 rebounds and 3 assists in 24 mins a game, so he has strike a training justice running.

The former NBA Summer League actor for Detroit and Orlando pronounced a new-look Brisbane will be a most worse tender for opposition clubs this summer after collecting a past dual wooden spoons.

“They have some players here that usually don’t know how to lose. They positively exclude to remove that is good for a enlightenment they are perplexing to build here,’’ Egwu said.

“There are some good leaders, some players with good knowledge and some players who play for a Australian inhabitant team, that is a genuine item in this league.

“It’s a good event to come in and join this club. I’m informed with a complement they run here, informed with a players so we don’t have to start from scratch, that creates things easier for everyone.’’

The hitout opposite a Hawks on Sunday during USC Stadium during Sippy Downs will be Brisbane’s final pre-season diversion opposite an NBL side before their Round 1 opener opposite New Zealand in Auckland on Oct 11.

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‘He belongs’: Simmons’ regard for Aussie NBA prospect

Ahead of Bolden’s initial pre-season coming in a Sixers uniform opposite Melbourne United on Saturday, Simmons gave a Sydney-raised brazen a golden sign of approval.

“He (Jonah) has been personification good and doing all on a court,” Simmons said.

“He is also a good chairman and teammate.

76ers draftee Jonah Bolden trains with NBL champions Melbourne United. Picture Yuri KouzminSource:News Corp Australia

“I watched him a lot behind in high propagandize and he has a same diversion though he has only gotten a lot better, that is amazing.

“He is good — he belongs here.

“For a dads to have competed and for us to play together is kind of uncanny also with Brett (Brown) carrying coached both a dads.

“I consider Jonah knows what to expect, though substantially before a diversion I’ll contend some difference to him though he is going to be fine.”

Ben Simmons believes associate Aussie Jonah Bolden belongs in a NBA. Picture: AFP

Ben Simmons believes associate Aussie Jonah Bolden ‘belongs’ in a NBA. Picture: AFPSource:AFP

Simmons is awaiting a tough strife opposite a clever Melbourne outfit that went within one basket of violence a star-studded Oklahoma City in final year’s initial NBL contra NBA series.

He formerly announced United could kick a Sixers and he hasn’t altered his mind.

“They’ve got some good players and they play a diversion a right way,” he said.

“That is one thing about Australian teams; they play a diversion a right way.

“It is going to be a good exam for us.

“But we are going to take them seriously. They are a good group and good coached, so it is going to be a lot of fun.”

Bolden is equally vehement to take on a Melbourne side he lerned with in Sep while he was holidaying in Australia.

Bolden lerned with a NBL champions while in Melbourne. Picture Yuri Kouzmin

Bolden lerned with a NBL champions while in Melbourne. Picture Yuri KouzminSource:News Corp Australia

He also urged a United players to use Saturday’s hearing opposite a Sixers as a possibility to follow in his footsteps and pull for a NBA.

“If a Melbourne guys wish to come over here and impress, we consider that should be a goal,” Bolden said.

“If it was a other approach around I’d wish to do accurately a same thing.

“I consider final year was a primary instance of how rival Melbourne can be when they played a Thunder.

“It was a good showing, so they should all demeanour to take any possibility they get — anything is possible.”

From his knowledge training during Melbourne, Bolden knows a Sixers can’t take Melbourne lightly.

“They are a good garland of guys and a good team,” he said.

“This is a biggest theatre in a best joining in a world, so everybody can get held sleeping and there is no doubt in my mind that Melbourne is going to come out looking to kick us.

“Who wouldn’t? If we didn’t that would be rather unpleasant to us.”

Bolden (R) competed for a 76ers in Summer League. Picture: GettySource:Supplied

Bolden also can’t wait to group adult with Simmons for a initial time in a Sixers singlet.

He pronounced it was special for them to play in a same group after their fathers — Dave and Bruce — played together and opposite any other in a NBL.

“I don’t see that story eroding anytime soon,” he said.

“And it is good since it is singular to come from Australia with both relatives carrying played in a joining out there and afterwards carrying sons come over.

“It is a story and an impulse for guys behind home, either they have relatives in a joining or not, it is meaningful they can get to where we are.

“Ben and we have identical backgrounds. He came over progressing than me and was drafted true out of college.

“I had to take a scenic route, though Ben has always been a alpha masculine wherever he has played in high school, college and now in a NBA.”

Bolden suggested he has been mostly training during a widen 4 brazen position during training camp.

“It is still early stages and they are throwing a lot during us though that is to be approaching from a group that wants to win a championship,” he said.

“There are no shortcuts. You have to get with it or there is no other option.

“You’ve only got to welcome it.”

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Simmons’ violent pierce stuns Melbourne

It has been a masterclass by a Australian superstar, with assists, points and dunks as Simmons won actor of a diversion for his winning performance.

After a initial half, Simmons has tallied a 76ers-high 18:33 on justice with 6 points, 6 rebounds, dual steals, one retard and simply diversion high 10 assists.

He finished with only underneath 8 some-more mins in a second half, finishing with 8 points and 14 assists though a margin idea commission of only 44.4 on 9 shots.

Speaking after a game, Simmons pronounced it was only good to be behind on a court.

“It was a lot of fun, it was removing behind into a court, removing a feel for a diversion again, personification basketball is what we do so it was a lot of fun,” he said.

Simmons was also given goals to pull some-more giveaway throws and make an all-defensive team, goals he has in his sights in 2018-19.

“That’s what I’m operative towards, each day I’m in a gym perplexing to get better,” he said. “It’s going to take a while to get to where we unequivocally wish to be though that’s how prolonged mass takes.”

Even when zero is going on, Simmons, a reigning NBA rookie of a year, flattering most did it all himself, including this implausible assist.

Simmons was utterly calm environment adult his teammates via a initial dual buliding to build a 76ers lead.

But we can’t keep Simmons from a prominence tilt for prolonged as he did it all himself.

In nasty scenes, Melbourne United star Chris Goulding was helped off a justice in a shade of halftime with a 76ers Joel Embiid alighting on a Aussie, who was left clutching his knee.

He was helped true to a change rooms.

NBL owners and partial owners of Melbourne United Larry Kestelman pronounced a outing was about flourishing a NBL to an general audience.

He pronounced it was a good event for a Australian side.

“I suspicion it was amazing, we guys have a group to be super unapproachable of, surprising chosen athletes so desired it,” Kestelman.

“But we’re putting adult a fight. We’re fighting hard, that’s what we do. we feel like this is a bit unfair, maybe if we gave us a integrate of a Aussies on a side we competence have a chance.”

Kestelman pronounced it was critical for Australian youngsters to have a pathway to a “big stage” of a NBA.

Ben Simmons gave a throng what they wanted with a fantastic dunk.Source:AFP

He pronounced Simmons was a pivotal with a 22-year-old a large pull opposite a world.

“We adore him, he’s a honour and joy. He’s a Melbourne boy. We couldn’t be some-more unapproachable of him. His father indeed played for this team, he played for a Melbourne Tigers, who are now Melbourne United.”

It’s Aussie night in a NBA pre-season opener with a 76ers carrying a clever Australian connection.

Philadelphia has dual Australians in Simmons and earnest rookie Jonah Bolden, as good as being coached by former NBL manager Brett Brown.

The US-born Brown was backpacking around a South Pacific in a 1980s, met his mother Anna on a Great Barrier Reef and afterwards out-of-the-blue forsaken in to a Melbourne Tigers and tender a team’s mythological manager Lindsay Gaze so most he was offering an assistant’s job.

He went on to manager in a NBL and took assign of 278 games during stints with North Melbourne and a Sydney Kings, and was partial of 3 Olympic campaigns.

“It is kind of an surprising business to have this form of opportunity,” Brown pronounced about a tie between a teams progressing in a week.

The holds continue with a Simmons family.

Simmons drives to a basket opposite Melbourne United’s Alex Pledger.Source:AFP

The star US import on a Tigers when Brown was a fledgling manager was Dave Simmons, a cruel large male from a Bronx, New York.

Simmons’ son is Ben, Brown’s uncertain 208cm high Melbourne-born point-forward.

A immature ensure behind on Brown’s Tigers patrol was Dean Vickerman, who is United’s coach.

Vickerman has lustful memories of Simmons Sr, though now has to delineate a devise to stop Simmons Jr from using demonstration on Friday.

“His strength was ridiculous,” Vickerman, recalling Simmons Sr’s 205cm frame, said.

“I consider Ben is unequivocally starting to build his strength as well.

“Dave was a man who when we fouled him he could lift we off a belligerent he was so strong.”

— with AAP

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Cambage only can’t skip as Opals keep on rolling

The Opals centre scored 25 points to lead Australia to an undefeated run by a organisation proviso in Tenerife and book a place in Friday night’s (EST) quarter-finals.

Continuing her career-best form, Cambage exploded for 24 points on 11-of-11 sharpened in a initial half, 14 of those entrance in a energetic opening entertain won by Australia 32-19.

With Cambage unstoppable tighten to a basket and her teammates attack from over a arc with 11 of 23 from three-point range, a Opals were never uneasy on their approach to their third win in 3 games.

Eleven players scored for a Opals with Rebecca Allen (13), Cayla George (12) and Sami Whitcomb (11) fasten Cambage in double figures.

Liz Cambage scored 24 of her 25 points in a initial half of a win over Turkey.Source:Getty Images

Australia’s quarter-final opponents will be dynamic following Wednesday night’s (EST) subordinate games between a second and third-placed teams in a remaining groups.

The Opals are anticipating captain Jenna O’Hea will be accessible for a knockout stages carrying sat out a rough matches with a calf flesh complaint.

Cambage got off to a ideal start opposite Turkey, creation all 6 of her shots, including a three-pointer, on her approach to 14 first-quarter points. Australia’s outward shooters were also on aim early with George, Whitcomb and Steph Talbot all joining from prolonged operation for a 13-point lead after one quarter.

The descent assault continued in a second with a Opals fluctuating a opening to 28 points before Turkey fought behind for a 53-33 scoreline during a half. Cambage’s ideal sharpened night came unstuck early in a third entertain though a Opals kept a scoreboard ticking over, permitting manager Sandy Brondello to rest her heading scorer for a infancy of a second half.

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NBA team’s $190m answer to luminary trade drama

The 22-year-old has averaged 21.6 points, 11.7 rebounds and 2.4 assists in his initial 3 seasons given Minnesota nabbed him with a No.1 altogether collect in a 2015 NBA draft.

The 7-foot, 248-pound centre was entering a final year of his rookie contract. Towns told a Timberwolves on Saturday night that he would pointer a extension, sources told ESPN.

“On Jun 25, 2015, we was drafted and committed to a Minnesota Timberwolves,” Towns pronounced in a matter supposing to a network.

“On Sep 22, 2018, we done a recommitment to a Wolves and have a same feelings of fad that we felt behind in 2015.

NBA: Rookie of a year Ben Simmons sits down with Fox Sports basketball publisher Olgun Uluc in an disdainful talk about his arise to stardom. Video constructed by Johnathan Barhoumeh.

“I guarantee to a fans, my teammates and a organization to keep a prophesy of a male who drafted me, Flip Saunders, alive and provide his dream of winning with honour and dignity. To a fans from Day One and a Timberwolves fans, this is for you. Thank we for desiring in me.”

The signing affirms Towns’ place as a face of a franchise. He done his initial All-Star diversion final deteriorate and warranted NBA Rookie of a Year honours in 2016.

He helped Minnesota strech a playoffs final deteriorate for a initial time in 13 years.

As Towns commits to Minnesota, a authorization contingency confirm what to do with four-time NBA All-Star Jimmy Butler.

The 29-year-old reportedly has asked for a trade to a big-market authorization — Los Angeles Clippers, New York Knicks or Brooklyn Nets — and will not be on palm when a group conducts a annual media day on Monday, or when they start training stay Tuesday.

Per ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, Timberwolves owners Glen Taylor has done it transparent that Butler is on a trade block, and is “pushing for a quick resolution.”

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Cambage leads Opals to outrageous win

The Opals done it dual from dual to open a competition with Cambage scoring a initial 10 points of a compare opposite Argentina on Sunday, and a game-high 24 points in total, to go with 6 rebounds in 18 minutes.

Naturalised American ensure Sami Whitcomb (16 points, 5 assists) also showed off her long-range sharpened and defensive bravery while 19-year-old Ezi Magbegor tender with 14 points and 8 rebounds.

Australia’s first-half opening was distant from discriminating as they committed 7 turnovers in a opening entertain alone though a harmful 23-0 scoring run in a third entertain blew out a scoreline.

With a Opals winning a contest, manager Sandy Brondello was means to rest her star centre during a second half in credentials for their final organisation match.

Opals star Liz Cambage. Picture: APSource:AP

Australia can tighten adult tip mark in Group B with a feat opposite Turkey on Tuesday night, after they also won their opener opposite Nigeria. A first-place finish for Australia in their organisation would meant a matchup with competition favourites USA would many expected not start until a bullion award game. It became apparent early that Argentina had no answer for a tallness and strength of Cambage as she single-handedly built a 10-0 lead.

A three-pointer from Andrea Boquete Manna finally non-stop a scoring for Argentina though 5 discerning points to Whitcomb helped Australia tighten a entertain forward 21-5.

The Opals looked on strain in a second entertain with Rebecca Allen stepping into a three-pointer and Magbegor and Alex Bunton scoring down low as a lead grew 30-7.

Argentina attempted to opposite though Cayla George’s three-pointer sent a Opals into a categorical mangle adult 40-13.

Argentina came out banishment to start a second half, outscoring a Opals 11-5 as they connected 3 times from prolonged range.

But a Opals afterwards refocused to browbeat a rest of a third quarter, using off 23 uninterrupted points to settle an irrefutable 68-24 lead.

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Aussie Opals follow World Cup excellence in Spain

Back in 2006 – with Lauren Jackson, Penny Taylor, Belinda Snell and Erin Phillips during their resplendence – a Opals charged by a contest undefeated, eventually violence Russia in a biased bullion award playoff.

Quarter-final (2010) and semi-final (2014) appearances have followed as a United States reasserted their dominance, yet a lapse to a limit of universe basketball has proven elusive.

FREE-T0-AIR: New understanding for WNBL

Currently ranked fourth in a universe yet entrance off a unsatisfactory Olympic debate in Rio dual years ago, a Opals conduct to Seville in Spain for a 2018 universe championships, that start subsequent weekend, with a clever patrol and a ability to means some genuine problems.

Jenna O’Hea during a Commonwealth Games.Source:AAP


Preliminary rounds are played Saturday, Sep 22, Sunday, Sep 23 and Tuesday, Sep 25. The quarterfinal qualifiers are on Wednesday, Sep 26 followed by a entertain finals on Friday, Sep 28. The semi-finals are Saturday, Sep 29 while a final is played on Sunday, Sep 30.


Jenna O’Hea (Melbourne), Sami Whitcombe (Seattle), Steph Talbot (Phoenix), Tess Madgen (Townsville), Liz Cambage (Dallas), Rebecca Allen (New York), Katie Rae Ebzery (Perth), Alanna Smith (Stanford University), Alex Bunton (Sydney), Ezi Magbegor (Melbourne), Cayla George (Dallas), Tessa Lavey (Dandenong).

Ezi Magbegor battling Azania Stewart of England during a Commonwealth Games.

Ezi Magbegor battling Azania Stewart of England during a Commonwealth Games.Source:Getty Images


Group B

Australia v Nigeria, 8.30pm (EST), Saturday, Sep 22

Australia v Argentina, 8pm (EST), Sunday, Sep 23

Australia v Turkey, 8.30pm (EST), Tuesday, Sep 25

If Australia finishes initial in their organisation afterwards they automatically validate for a entertain finals. Finish second or third and they contingency play a quarter-final qualifier. Finish fourth and they are automatically out.


USA 1, Spain 2, France 3, Australia 4, Canada 5, Czech Republic 6, Turkey 7, Serbia 8, Brazil 9, China 10. Selected others: Argentina 15, Nigeria 34


The Opals kick South Korea, a Philippines and Japan in their organisation games before thrashing North Korea in a buliding to automatically validate for Seville.

They afterwards kick South Korea – again – in a semi-finals before confronting off with Japan for a Asian title. The Opals yet – reduction several of their WNBA stars including Liz Cambage -

fell to a 74-73 improved – yet indeed had a possibility to win diversion when Belinda Snell missed a two-point jumper with one second left.

Liz Cambage is essential to a hopes of a Opals during a universe championships.Source:Getty Images


USA and a Soviet Union common a initial 11 titles between them from 1953 to 1994.

Brazil pennyless a corner 24 years ago when they kick China in a final in Sydney.

USA resumed normal use by winning 4 of subsequent 5 contest and were usually interrupted by Australia winning in Brazil in 2006.

USA are a fortifying champions carrying beaten Spain in a 2014 final in Turkey. Australia won a bronze after violence a hosts 74-44.

Jan Stirling coached a Opals to bullion during a 2006 FIBA universe championship in Brazil.

Jan Stirling coached a Opals to bullion during a 2006 FIBA universe championship in Brazil.Source:News Limited


Australia done a large mangle by on a universe theatre with a fourth fixation in a 1979. It was a place they filled again – this time on home dirt – in 1994.

Their initial award was a bronze in Germany in 1998. After violence Spain in a quarter-finals they fell to Russia in a final 4 usually to redeem themselves with an sparkling win over Brazil to take third.

Another bronze followed in China 4 years after before a many noted impulse in Aussie basketball story in Brazil in 2006.

A organisation featuring a likes of Lauren Jackson, Penny Taylor, Belinda Snell, Laura Hodges and Erin Phillips kick Lithuania, Senegal and Canada in their organisation games before circumference out Spain in quarters. They afterwards kick Brazil in a semi-finals and afterwards likely of Russia – who had upstaged a US in a final 4 – in a final 91-74.

The pretension counterclaim in 2010 didn’t go according to devise as a Czech Republic knocked them out in a entertain finals.

But they constructed a most improved opening in Turkey 4 years ago – again holding bronze after a large win over a hosts.

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Taipans bullied in complicated NBL Blitz defeat

Jawai was singular to only 7 games in a 2017-18 NBL deteriorate due to a feet damage and a Taipans have been discreet with a former NBA actor and Australian Boomer in a rave to this year’s campaign.

He played opposite a Bullets in Rockhampton 3 weeks ago and was complacent from Cairns’ opening compare during a NBL’s pre-season contest on Thursday when a Taipans fell to Sydney after experiencing some pain in his foot.

Cairns’ Nate Jawai looked flexible and assertive on a court. Picture: GettySource:Getty Images

Jawai had 10 points in 16 mins from an fit 5 shots from 6 attempts opposite a Wildcats when he looked flexible and aggressive.

When he was a concentration for a Taipans offence, Jawai was too tough to ensure in a low post with his footwork and perfect distance proof too most for a Wildcats.

Taipans star Nate Jawai looms over Mitch Norton of a Perth Wildcats on Saturday. Picture: Getty Images

Taipans star Nate Jawai looms over Mitch Norton of a Perth Wildcats on Saturday. Picture: Getty ImagesSource:Getty Images

Cairns need him to stay fit and healthy if they wish to critical plea for a playoff berth.

Perth led by 4 points during halftime though blew a Taipans off a justice after a prolonged break.

The Wildcats strike 7 three-pointers from 11 attempts in a third tenure to outscore Cairns 31-22 for a entertain and sign a win.

Tom Jervis of a Perth Wildcats hurdles for a turn during a NBL Blitz win over Cairns. Picture: GettySource:Getty Images

The arch destroyers for a Wildcats were reigning NBL MVP Bryce Cotton (17 points, 7 rebounds and 4 assists) and associate import Terrico White (19 points and 6 rebounds), with Clint Steindl adding 15 points off a bench.

After producing an eye-catching 20 points, 9 rebounds and dual assists opposite a Kings, Taipans import Devon Hall strike only one shot from 8 attempts to finish with 3 points and 7 rebounds opposite a Wildcats.

Hall’s associate Americans had improved outings than a second turn NBA breeze pick, with DJ Newbill adding 16 points, 4 rebounds and 3 assists, and indicate ensure Melo Trimble finishing with 17 points for a Mike Kelly-coached Taipans.

SUNDAY’S NBL Blitz module during Ballarat:

Cairns v New Zealand

Brisbane v Sydney

Adelaide v Perth

Melbourne v Illawarra

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