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New Reds uncover form in friendly

Western Sydney Wanderer

New Adelaide United players, from left, Isaias Sanchez (from Spain) and former Western Sydney Wanderer Tarek Elrich. Picture: Dean Martin.
Source: News Limited

ADELAIDE United paraded new signings, Tarek Elrich and Isaias Sanchez, for a initial time in a 2-1 win over MetroStars during Santos Stadium on Tuesday night.

The span played superbly in Adelaide’s second pre deteriorate feat after a side available a 4-1 win over Cumberland United final week.

Adelaide manager Josep Gombau’s second win in assign started holding figure when teen Awer Mabil propelled a Reds to a 1-0 initial half lead over a state’s reigning champion.

Gombau combined uninformed legs in a second half with striker Bruce Djite and Osama Malik tasting pre deteriorate movement for a initial time.

Reds surrogate Jake Barker-Daish afterwards done it 2-0 after a good cranky from Young Socceroo Jacob Melling in a 75th minute.

But MetroStars didn’t leave a strife dull handed when Matt Deegan kick immature Reds gloveman John Hall during a genocide .

Adelaide will now line adult for the third pre deteriorate strife when it faces Croydon Kings during Santos Stadium on Friday night from 8pm.

Pre deteriorate friendly: Adelaide United 2 (Awer Mabil, Jake Barker-Daish) MetroStars 1 (Matt Deegan) during Santos Stadium.


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Young star wasn’t large adequate for Eels

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Adam Reynolds’ radical chip for Andrew Everingham creates Peter Sterling trust a Rabbitohs play builder has what it takes to win large matches during a essential finish of a season. Fox Sports is holding we all a approach to a finals.


Luke Keary has been a explanation for a Rabbitohs. Picture: Gregg Porteous
Source: DailyTelegraph

PARRAMATTA fans, are we sitting down?

If Luke Keary had had his approach as a teen he would be using out for a Eels this Friday in a wooden ladle shootout with a Wests Tigers.

Instead, a child with a choirboy looks will have to settle for holding over from harmed Souths skipper John Sutton when a Rabbitohs tackle a reigning premiers in Melbourne.

The unhappy news for a Eels is that, when Keary was 16, he incited adult to hearing for Parramatta’s Harold Matthews Cup organisation though was incited divided given he was too small.

So Keary finished adult during Souths instead – and a irony is that, while Parra paid $550,000 a deteriorate to splash Chris Sandow from Souths, they could have had Keary for nothing.

Even currently there are doubt outlines over his distance but, as Nathan Merritt explained: “He’s a tough small bugger and he’ll keep going for a whole 80 minutes. He’s got some ability about him.”

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Adam Reynolds

John Sutton

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Which is something they ignored during Parramatta.

New halves partner Adam Reynolds positively has no doubts about Keary’s ability to mount in for a harmed skipper.

“It’s going to be sparkling for us carrying small Luke there,” Reynolds said.

“He’s a peculiarity player. I’ve got a lot of certainty in him.”

So has everybody during Souths.

A product of Oakhill College during Castle Hill, Keary played rugby kinship during propagandize and afterwards finished adult during university on a Gold Coast, where he was speckled personification joining for a Burleigh Bears.

The following year Keary was behind in Sydney and slicing his teeth in a Rabbitohs’ 20s.

He played dual years in a National Youth League and won a mark on a dais for a organisation of a year in 2012 before he started this year in NSW Cup with North Sydney before his tip class promotion.

After 5 considerable performances entrance off a dais for Souths, he now gets his start.

He’s still not that large though he runs like a breeze – and if you’ve seen any of his games this year you’ll note that his speed is his good gift.

A small show-and-go and he’s gone.

Asked if he’s adult to a plea of holding on a reigning premiers during their home ground, Merritt said: “I consider he’ll go utterly well. He’s a good kid. He listens.

“He’s been personification unchanging football all year and it’s good to see him get a chance.”

With Sutton blank there’s going to be copiousness of vigour on both Keary and Reynolds on Friday night.

But Reynolds pronounced a usually requirement manager Michael Maguire had put on any actor was to do no some-more than their particular job.

This has been a truth during Souths ever given Maguire arrived, and injuries to Sutton and Inglis doesn’t change that.

“There’s not most additional pressure,” Reynolds said.

“It comes behind to us doing a possess pursuit and adhering to a diversion devise for 80 minutes. We didn’t do that opposite a Cowboys and it really showed on a scoreboard.”

As unsatisfactory as Souths were in final week’s detriment to a Cowboys, no one attempted harder than a halfback. Reynolds can’t wait to line adult opposite Cooper Cronk on Friday night.

When Reynolds was forced to lay out a 2011 deteriorate with a knee damage he spent his time study a games of a really best NRL halves.

Most of that time, he said, was spent examination video of a Storm No. 7.

Reynolds’ eyes illuminated adult on Tuesday during a discuss of Cronk’s name: “I really admire him. He’s a best half in a diversion – him and Thurston.

“Just to be personification on a same margin as them is an honour – and a plea that we always adore having.” 

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Hayne a group male prepared to lift Eels

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Stats uncover a 2013 Eels are among a misfortune NRL teams from a final 20 years.


Jarryd Hayne wants to be a male to lift a Eels. Picture: Mark Evans
Source: DailyTelegraph

EVEN if there was usually one compare left in Parramatta’s season, Jarryd Hayne would be pulling to play.

For most, a Eels’ deteriorate is already over, though after 64 days on a sidelines, Hayne is behind and unfortunate to find a china lining.

Unlike a aged Jarryd, who usually a few seasons ago was criticised for his messy work ethic, Hayne’s lapse opposite Wests Tigers on Friday night after 8 weeks on a sideline is a covenant to a new Jarryd.

Even when Ricky Stuart suggested Hayne might not play again this year, a Eels’ many critical actor never took his manager seriously.

Certainly, Hayne’s quip will concede him to pull for preference in a World Cup during a finish of a year.

And sure, a personal fee of blank State of Origin games dual and three, while also witnessing a Eels teeter this year, has been a toughest time of his career.

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Jarryd Hayne


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But with 5 matches remaining in a season, Hayne says Friday night’s conflict for a wooden ladle opposite a Tigers isn’t about personal gain.

“I’d rather be environment them up,” a Eels fullback said.

It’s about something most bigger, he adds. It’s about restoring mislaid faith in a blue and bullion jumper. It’s about digging in with constant teammates like Tim Mannah and Fuifui Moimoi to assistance reconstruct a bar that done them.

“I’m a rugby joining player, I’m a competitor, I’m an athlete,” Hayne said. “Every possibility we get I’m doing something, be it personification basketball, tennis.

“I usually adore sport. And rugby league, this is my sport, this is my job. Even if there was one diversion left I’d be removing out there perplexing to lift a boys.

“And what we’ve got entrance subsequent deteriorate has substantially been one of a pivotal things to get me by this year, and for blokes like Timmy Mannah, Fuifui.

“We’re a comparison blokes now, we need to lead us out of this since we know what is entrance around a corner.

“It’s been hard. The final 3 years we’ve been second last, final and now we’re bottom 3 again. But these setbacks can usually be a step up.

“Hopefully we demeanour behind in dual or 3 years’ time observant ‘what we went by in 2011, ’12 and ’13 is a reason I’m during where I’m at’. We know we’ve got talent entrance through, so we usually need to finish off a year on a certain note.”

Hayne was given a immature light to lapse by a Eels’ medical staff on Monday. It’s been dual months of physiotherapy, gym work and reconstruction after he tore his hamstring tendon in turn 13.

“It has been one of a toughest durations of my career not meaningful when we was going to come back,” he said. “I creatively suspicion it was dual weeks and afterwards it spun out to 4 weeks and usually kept spiralling.” 

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Poms humour their possess H2O torture

Ponds Forge

Mark Foster acknowledges a throng after his universe record violation 50-metre behind in 2001 during Ponds Forge, Sheffield.
Source: AP

THE Poms might have defended a Ashes interjection to a lot of H2O though now they have incited on a substance, observant it is producing bad swimming results.

British Swimming’s conduct manager says his team’s swimming facility, Sheffield’s Ponds Forge, is simply “too fast” for a pool.

Bill Furniss done a comments after a Great Britain group won only one award during a World Championships in Barcelona.

“I’ll be honest we don’t wish trials (at Ponds Forge),” he told BBC radio 5 Live. “I would rather use slower pools, it’s a quick pool.

“I consider as a preference venue in a destiny we will doubt that,” he said.

Stephen Parry, who won a bronze award for a 200m moth during a Athens Olympics in 2004, pronounced Ponds Forge was a plant of a possess success.

“It seems to have a ideal abyss during Ponds Forge of 3 metres, since it’s all to do with a insurgency in a water,” he said. “Also, there is a coherence of a water. Because it’s got ozone and oxygen in there it’s unequivocally buoyant, so that allows people to float faster as well.”

“All a swimmers who go there post unequivocally quick times,” he said. “They afterwards can’t replicate it after in a year, and they consider that is operative opposite them.

Richard Apps, ubiquitous manager during Ponds Forge, pronounced he listened no complaints about a venue when a Great Britain group was posting universe annals during a 2004 and 2008 Olympic trials.

“Sheffield still is, and will always be, one of best places for swimming in a country. It has always been identified as a quick pool hence a series of British and World annals set here,” he said.





















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Horse tramples track worker

Preston fans Soccer England Hooligans

Hundreds of Preston fans invade a representation after a final alarm during a League Cup soccer compare during Deepdale, Preston. Picture: AP
Source: AP

IN a box of hooliganism with a twist, a track valet in northern England was trampled by a military equine assisting to sunder spectators during a finish of a League Cup match.

The occurrence occurred late Monday during a finish of a diversion involving internal rivals Preston North End and Blackpool, when hundreds of Preston fans invaded a representation to applaud their 1-0 win in a West Lancashire derby.

With a Premier League deteriorate reduction than dual weeks away, a pell-mell scenes drew indignation from both clubs as Blackpool manager Paul Ince called for tighter confidence during English stadiums.

During a melee, a valet was knocked over by a military equine as he was perplexing to move a fan underneath control. The valet rolled over on a margin and was afterwards trampled by a second military mount.

On Tuesday, Preston insisted that, discordant to progressing reports, a valet was not taken to a sanatorium after being assessed by medical staff during a ground.

“The usually valet to accept any injuries during a track was operative in a partial of a track assigned by a visiting supporters,” a third multiplication bar pronounced in a statement.

Ince, a former England ubiquitous and Manchester United player, called on football authorities to take serve measures in sequence to forestall throng difficulty in a future.

“I know that fans get vehement … though who knows what can happen,” Ince said. “We’re not listening. Has someone got to be stabbed before we listen? we wondered if we have adequate stewards. You see adequate situations where fans run on a representation and we can know fans’ excitement, though there have been adequate frightening things that have happened to players that we need to stamp down on it.”

Last season, English football was injured by a array of incidents involving fans that were suggestive of a misfortune hours of hooliganism in a 1970s and 80s. Wembley was a entertainment of aroused fighting as second-tier bar Millwall fans incited on any other during a FA Cup semifinal match. In Newcastle, fans went berserk following a detriment to internal opposition Sunderland, contrary with military in a city center.

Following Monday night’s occurrence in Preston, a English association pronounced it would be liaising with both clubs and military “to get a full design of events and what preparations were in place.”

Ince lauded a Blackpool fans for their “impeccable” poise and blamed a Preston supporters for a incidents.

“We’ve seen goalkeepers get strike and players get punched,” Ince said. “When are we going to learn? When you’ve got 200 Preston fans using on a representation and my players are still on a pitch, who knows? Has it got to take something else to occur before we listen? That’s not usually Preston though it’s a whole football village in general. We need to knuckle down on this.”

Police pronounced dual people were arrested for rapist repairs to one of a supporters’ buses outward a ground, with another 4 people hold for teenager offences.

“Due to a compare being a internal derby, we had additional resources in place and as a outcome we were means to fast respond to a representation advance that occurred during a finish of a compare to sunder a crowds and to move behind order,” military superintendent Richard Morgan said.

“I would like to highlight that it is usually a minority who have been concerned in a disorder, with a infancy of supporters enjoying a eventuality and removing home safely.”

Preston won a compare after Tom Clarke headed in a winning idea in a 87th minute, though a bar now faces a awaiting of a chastisement since of a unfinished fans.

The bar pronounced a confidence measures were suitable and cursed a fans who invaded a pitch.

”Given a ancestral adversary between a dual clubs we ensured that a belligerent reserve pre-match formulation deliberate all aspects of intensity throng issues to safeguard that all supporters could attend a compare in a protected environment,” Preston North End said.

“This preplanning enclosed a poignant boost in stewarding and also suitable military participation both inside and outward a stadium.”


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Injured Suarez to skip Norway friendly


Liverpool’s Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez will skip out on a pre-season compare in Norway since of a feet injury.
Source: AFP

LIVERPOOL striker Luis Suarez won’t transport to Norway with his teammates for a pre-season compare since of a feet injury.

The bar pronounced overnight that a Uruguay general will bear a indicate and sojourn on Merseyside alongside Daniel Agger, Martin Skrtel and Glen Johnson, who will stay during home “as a prevision after picking adult knocks.”

Suarez, who scored 30 goals for a Reds in all competitions final season, has done transparent he wants to leave Liverpool though his bar recently deserted an Arsenal bid.

Liverpool plays Valerenga on Wednesday.


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Spurs ‘can’t force Bale to stay’


Gareth Bale is reportedly unfortunate during Spurs’ rejection to sell him to Real Madrid.
Source: AP

REAL Madrid have been given renewed wish in their office of Tottenham Hotspur winger Gareth Bale after a Spurs executive certified they can’t reason onto him opposite his will.

Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti pronounced final week that his bar were in talks with Tottenham over Bale’s send though Spurs manager Andre Villas-Boas says a former Southampton actor is not for sale.

However, nonetheless bar executive Keith Mills says Spurs “very most wish Bale to stay”, he accepts that a London side can’t force a actor to sojourn during White Hart Lane opposite his wishes.

“If a actor is unfortunate to leave, it’s really formidable to force him to stay,” Mills told London’s Evening Standard newspaper.

“We’ve seen it in other clubs. Even if he has a contract, we can’t force somebody to play for you.”

Bale, 24, reported for training on Tuesday morning, notwithstanding reports in a Spanish media that he would go on strike in a bid to force by a pierce to a Spanish capital.

The Wales general was driven into Spurs’ training formidable in Enfield, north London during around 1030am internal time.

Bale missed Spurs’ 5-2 accessible detriment to Monaco during a weekend due to a feet problem and has not played for a bar given a 1-1 pull opposite Swindon Town on Jul 16.

He was incompetent to take partial in a pre-season debate of Hong Kong since of a buttock injury.

Bale scored 26 goals for Spurs final deteriorate and was voted a Professional Football Association (PFA) Player of a Year, a PFA Young Player of a Year and a Football Writers’ Association (FWA) Footballer of a Year.

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Sharapova tops womanlike contestant abounding list

Maria Sharapova

Maria Sharapova has been named a richest womanlike sports star, as tennis players browbeat a Forbes list. Picture: AP
Source: AP

TENNIS stars have dominated a list of a world’s 10 best-paid womanlike athletes, Forbes repository says.

But a repository says it also highlights a yawning gain opening with their masculine counterparts in many sports.

Russia’s Maria Sharapova headed a list, published on, earning a sum of $US29 million ($32.5 million) between Jun 2012 and Jun this year.

Tennis took a tip 4 positions, with universe series one Serena Williams of a United States second ($US20.5 million), China’s Li Na third ($US18.2 million) and Victoria Azarenka of Belarus fourth ($US15.7 million).

US Nascar motorist Danica Patrick (fifth with $US15 million), South Korean figure skater Kim Yuna (sixth with $US14 million) and American golfer Paula Creamer (10th with $US5.5 million), were a usually non-tennis stars in a tip 10.

But a business repository says disparities sojourn between group and women in terms of gain in sport.

World series one golfer Tiger Woods, for example, is a highest-paid contestant on a world with gain of $US78 million in a 12 months between Jun 1, 2012 and Jun 1 this year.

Los Angeles Laker basketball star Kobe Bryant will acquire $US30.5 million subsequent deteriorate though a top income in a women’s homogeneous of a NBA is $US107,000.


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Hawkins’ behind to a wall

AFL Round 19: North Melbourne v Geelong

Tom Hawkins has not laid a tackle a past month. Picture: Colleen Petch

WE can’t crucify Tom Hawkins.

Actually, maybe we should be praising him.

Because notwithstanding a club’s insistence Hawkins’ behind issues are improving, from a outward it appears anything but.

How can we be so certain Hawkins isn’t right?

Besides a fact a large brazen could hardly get out of a substitute during Etihad Stadium in Friday night’s detriment to North Melbourne, there is a vivid statistic that suggests Hawkins is distant from entirely fit.

Hawkins has not laid a singular tackle in a final month.

Hawkins Champion Data


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Lefty Round


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Not usually that, he hasn’t practical one earthy vigour act in that time either. Champion Data classifies earthy vigour acts as those instances where a actor lays hands to an foe though doesn’t outcome a disposal.

Effectively, Hawkins hasn’t overwhelmed a ball-carrying foe in a month of football.

The son of ‘Jumping Jack’ isn’t accurately a defensive brazen specialist, though these stats roar of a bloke who is personification hurt.

Graphics pleasantness of Champion Data

And nonetheless he has still kicked a remarkably accurate 44.14 from 17 games so distant this season.

Hawkins is holding reduction outlines inside 50m per diversion (2.9 down from 3.8) and removing reduction scoring shots (4.5 to 3.4). His accuracy, however, has skyrocketed from 62 per cent to 75.9 per cent – among a best in a competition.

Hawkins Champion Data

Champion Data

But Hawkins’ 0 earthy vigour acts in a past month are alarming, quite compared to his pivotal brazen rivals. In a same time, West Coast large male Josh Kennedy has done 21. Melbourne’s Chris Dawes has 12.

The Cats have pronounced Hawkins’ behind problem hasn’t gotten any worse given a start of a season.

But former Geelong brazen Cameron Mooney, who was examination from a SEN radio counter on Friday night, pronounced Hawkins shouldn’t have played final Friday night.

Melbourne good Garry Lyon also said: “Once a round hits a belligerent he is incompetent to follow and he has no participation as a defensive forward”.


Mooney pronounced he felt contemptible for his aged teammate.

“His back, and we don’t know privately since we haven’t oral to him, though from what we saw he shouldn’t have played,” Mooney said.

“I know they pronounced it can’t get worse though he couldn’t get off a mark, he couldn’t hook his behind during all. we know it substantially wouldn’t have harm him anymore, though he had no movement.

“Guys were using around him on a symbol and that was always going to occur when a bloke can’t run. we suspicion they should have been a bit smarter and not left him during a tip of a goalsquare on a kick-out to be honest.

Steve Johnson

Geelong stars Corey Enright, Tom Hawkins and Steve Johnson walk off a belligerent after losing to North Melbourne. Picture: Getty
Source: HeraldSun

“It done him demeanour like he’s not trying. He’s trying, he only couldn’t run a other night.”

Asked about Hawkins post-match, Scott said: We consider it (back injury) is improving, that’s a recommendation we’re getting.

“We consider he’s relocating improved during a week. we consider it’s satisfactory to contend that a behind emanate is reduction of an emanate now than it was progressing in a season.”

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Wallabies stay off to hilly start

Tevita Kuridrani

Brumbies centre Tevita Kuridrani will be holding partial in his initial Wallabies camp.
Source: AP

EWEN McKenzie’s repute as an unflappable impression was put to a exam of day one as Wallabies manager on Monday, with transport problems forcing a termination of his really initial training session.

With reduction than dual weeks to ready for a opening Bledisloe Cup diversion during ANZ Stadium, McKenzie had dictated to get down to movement with a light run on Monday afternoon.

But skeleton had to be altered on a run during a weekend after a Brumbies’ post-final moody home from New Zealand on Sunday was taken off a runway and cancelled, and a players and staff were stranded in Auckland another night.

The Brumbies usually arrived home in Canberra during lunchtime Monday, and their 12 Wallabies players were behind on planes to Sydney a few hours after to join adult with other nearing patrol members, who also flew in Monday night.

The patrol will still usually be entirely finished this morning, however, with 6 NSW players – Dave Dennis, Peter Betham, Bernard Foley, Paddy Ryan, Tatafu Polota-Nau and Sekope Kepu – returning from Argentina, where they played a Pumas during a weekend.

“It’s been complicated. (The Brumbies) got held in Auckland, their craft pennyless down so they had to stay overnight,” McKenzie said.

“That’s something we’re in consistent communications about. we have only got off a phone to Jake (White). That’s a approach a calendar is. It’s complicated. The prerogative for being in a final is we don’t have most of a break, and that’s what happened.

“We have tweaked currently a bit around a fact they were there. We recognize and prerogative them. We don’t wish to penalize them for being in a final though during a same time we have business to attend to.”

McKenzie pronounced he’d oral with NSW manager Michael Cheika about holding divided a Waratahs players, and in suggestion of co-operation, concluded to let several Wallabies patrol members debate in sequence to get game-time and rise skills.

The Wallabies manager pronounced he would consider all players during a stay this week before finalising a 30-man patrol for The Rugby Championship on Friday.

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