Rockets, Harden stay alive

Boston Celtics continue their conspicuous quip opposite a New York Knicks in a NBA playoffs.

JAMES Harden scored 31 points as Houston kept their NBA first-round playoff hopes alive with a 107-100 win over Oklahoma City in diversion five.

Playing opposite his former Thunder teammates, Harden emptied his initial 7 three-point attempts for a childish Rockets who now route a best-of-seven array 3 games to two.

“The guys are battling,” pronounced Houston manager Kevin McHale. “You got to go out there and quarrel each singular night.”

Harden, who helped lead a Thunder to a NBA finals final deteriorate where they mislaid to a Miami Heat, shot only four-of-25 from three-point operation in a initial 4 games opposite Oklahoma City.

Houston played yet starting indicate ensure Jeremy Lin for a second true diversion given of a painful chest muscle.

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James Harden handles a turn rhythmical by Reggie Jackson. Christian Petersen/Getty Images/AFP

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But a Thunder missed all-star indicate ensure Russell Westbrook even more. Westbrook tore his parallel meniscus, underwent medicine and is finished for a season.

The teams conduct behind to Houston for diversion 6 of a Western Conference array on Friday.

The Rockets will be perplexing to make story in this array as no NBA group has ever come behind from being down 3-0 to win a best-of-seven series.

“We got another event during home and we are going to take advantage of it,” Harden said. “Tomorrow we will watch some film and get prepared for diversion six.”


Kevin Durant puts adult a shot opposite Francisco Garcia and James Harden. Christian Petersen/Getty Images/AFP

Turkey’s Omer Asik finished with 21 points and 11 rebounds yet his biggest impact came on a free-throw line down a stretch.

Asik done 13-of-18 giveaway throws as he helped keep Houston in control late in a fourth entertain with a Thunder looking to tainted him during each opportunity.

“He strike his giveaway throws,” pronounced Oklahoma City manager Scott Brooks. “He stepped up. Give him credit given he strike his shots. It is a plan we don’t use unequivocally often.”

The Thunder done only eight-of-33 from over a arc, losing for a second-consecutive diversion after winning a initial three.

Kevin Garnett

Boston Celtics centre Kevin Garnett was superb in his side’s 92-86 win over New York. Picture: AP

Kevin Durant was hold scoreless in a fourth entertain and finished with 36 points, 7 rebounds and 7 assists for a Thunder.

Reggie Jackson – starting in Westbrook’s place – had 20 points, while Serge Ibaka finished with 14 points and 9 rebounds in a loss.

MEANWHILE, Kevin Garnett helped a Boston Celtics stay alive in a NBA playoffs with a win over a New York Knicks.

The Celtics will horde Game 6 on Friday night, wanting dual victories to turn a initial NBA group to overcome a 3-0 necessity to win a series.

Brandon Bass combined 17 points, steadying Boston as it shook off an 11-0 necessity and pulled divided in a second half to stop a Knicks again from their initial playoff array feat given 2000.

J.R. Smith, behind from his one-game cessation for elbowing Jason Terry with a Knicks approach forward late in Game 3, missed his initial 10 shots and finished 3 of 14 for 14 points.

Terry also scored 17 off a bench.

Jeff Green scored 18 points and Paul Pierce had 16 as a dual authorization stalwarts extended this deteriorate – and maybe their Celtics careers – during slightest one some-more game.

Carmelo Anthony scored 22 points yet was only 8 of 24 in another gloomy sharpened night for a Knicks, who blew a large lead in this diversion and now a series. They face an neglected outing behind to Boston instead of a rest this aging register could certainly use before a second round.

If they get there.

The Celtics were a initial of a 8 NBA teams that have come from 3-1 down, violence Philadelphia in 1968, and put themselves on a brief list of teams that have erased a 2-0 necessity a subsequent year in a NBA Finals.

Knicks Celtics

Iman Shumpert of a New York Knicks tries to squeeze a turn from Celtics star Paul Pierce. Picture: Getty Images
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So maybe it would be wise if they were a initial to overcome 3-0.

“I consider so. we mean, we consider that would be wonderful, and someone’s going to do it and we wish it to be us, obviously, given that’s a conditions we’re in,” manager Doc Rivers pronounced before a game. “Someone will do it, and we unequivocally wish to be a partial of that.”

He’s still got a chance.

The Knicks singular a Celtics to 75 points per diversion while winning a initial three, and scarcely came behind to win Game 4 on Sunday even yet Smith. So they felt good even after blank their initial possibility to hang it up.

Though few of these players were here for a streak, a Knicks were maybe a bit arrogant streamer into a diversion for a authorization that before final year had mislaid an NBA-record 8 true postseason games.

Smith pronounced Tuesday he’d have been personification golf instead of practicing had he played in Game 4, and players wore black to a diversion Wednesday as if they were streamer to a Celtics’ “funeral.”

Doc Rivers

Doc Rivers objects to a call. Picture: Getty Images
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Forget a funeral. The Celtics are still unequivocally most alive.

Smith finally done a 3-pointer to finish his drought, and afterwards another cut what had been a 15-point Boston lead to 88-83 with 1:05 remaining. But Garnett done a jumper, afterwards knocked down dual giveaway throws to bind it.

The Knicks were only 5 of 22 from 3-point range, that looked worse until Smith strike 3 late ones.

The Sixth Man of a Year perceived a shrill acclaim when he went to check in during a initial quarter, yet listened a few boos by a third. They will expected be noisy on Friday, a kind customarily indifferent in Boston for a Lakers player.

By a time Anthony gathering right into a center of a line for a asperse that done it 11-0, a Celtics already had 3 turnovers. But Bass done a span of giveaway throws and afterwards a asperse to settle them down. He combined 5 some-more points in a duration as Boston climbed within 22-20 even yet Pierce missed all 6 shots in a scoreless 12 minutes.

He done a 3-pointer shortly after returning from a mangle in a second, and another gave a Celtics their initial lead during 34-33 with 5:46 remaining in a half. Then Garnett had dual baskets in an 8-0 run that gave Boston a 42-37 advantage, and a Celtics walked off during halftime to mostly dumbfounded overpower within Madison Square Garden with a 45-39 lead.

The second halves had belonged to a Knicks in a series, yet a Celtics remained solid in a third quarter, opening a 69-60 lead on Terry’s 3-pointer with 41 seconds left.

Ben Stiller, Christine Taylor, and Woopie Goldberg

Actors Ben Stiller, Christine Taylor, and Woopie Goldberg suffer a Knicks-Celtics clash. Picture: Getty Images
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