Byrnes earnings offer with Mackie moment

Shannon Byrnes recalls his partial in a sledge from Brisbane champion Michael Voss.

HE competence be a theme of one of a good sledges, though Shannon Byrnes is usually happy to be a partial of it.

On Tuesday morning Jonathan Brown removed around Melbourne radio a line delivered to Byrnes by Michael Voss in a early 2000s.

In a compare between Geelong and Brisbane, Voss urged a referee to stop a diversion since an Auskick actor was on a field.

The baby-faced Byrnes, 19 during a time, certified he was primarily unknowingly he was a theme of a joke, though now he’s usually happy to be a partial of it.

“I can usually honour a good sledge and we was watchful that Vossy indeed knew my name,” he told Nova 100’s Chrissie, Sam Browny on Monday.

“Yeah we was, we was holding a explain severely myself until we realised who it was about.”

However, Byrnes also took a event to lapse offer with a favourite sledge of his own.

Andrew Mackie has a repute as one of a game’s lippiest defenders and Byrnes remembers he was usually too happy to accurate punish years later.

“Scarlo, is this a two-pointer?” Mackie asked teammate Matthew Scarlett, shrill adequate for a oppisition to hear.

The Geelong defender afterwards followed it adult with, “surely, we don’t get 4 points for this?”, creation light of a drubbing they were dishing out.

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