Newley chasing golden square of Games history

Twelve years later, Newley earnings to Australia’s choice as a maestro and a usually actor remaining from a ‘06 squad.

It’s a poignant bid a Sydney Kings swingman couldn’t be prouder to achieve.

This achievement was created all over Newley’s face on Wednesday when he was named in a Boomers’ group for a Gold Coast games, starting in April.

A fresh-faced Brad Newley in movement for a Boomers.Source:Supplied

“I’m unequivocally vehement to get in a immature and bullion and play in front of a home crowd,” Newley told The Daily Telegraph.

“It has been a lot of years in between drinks and I’m kind of display my age a small bit, though it’s good to be back.

“We are one from one during a Commonwealth Games, so if we can keep adult that tradition that would be a good thing.

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“To be play during home is flattering cool, quite adult in North Queensland where we started my career.

“I’m certain a fans will unequivocally get behind us.”

Newley, 33, is also looking brazen to flitting on his believe to his younger Australian teammates.

He believes a Commonwealth Games can be a profitable height for players to pull for high honours.

Newley with a grand pass for a Boomers in 2006.

Newley with a grand pass for a Boomers in 2006.Source:News Corp Australia

“I pronounced to a group behind in Aug that they all should put their hands adult for a Comm games,” he said.

“It’s an sparkling event for those that haven’t been to an Olympic Games yet.

“You are traffic with a encampment and other athletes, so it’s good to use this group as a bridging opening to make an Olympic team.”

Newley believes associate King, Jason Cadee, can advantage severely from his Commonwealth Games selection.

Jason Cadee is dire for aloft honours.Source:Getty Images

“I can’t wait to play alongside Jase,” he said.

“I remember holding him underneath my wing when he started in a Boomers module as an 18-year-old kid.

“To be in a group with him now is unequivocally fun. I’m vehement for Jase. He has been rewarded for some good play with a Boomers.”

Sydney Flames stars Katie Ebzery and Belinda Snell were also comparison in a Opals patrol for April’s Commonwealth Games campaign.

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