Bullets banishment with Boomers

The lyrics to a iconic Brisbane Bullets strain from a 1980s might need to be updated to “Boomers, Boomers, Boomers, Boomers, we’re a Bullets’’ after a club’s strong recruiting expostulate brazen of a 2018-19 NBL season.

After winning back-to-back wooden spoons in their dual seasons given returning from a wilderness, Brisbane indispensable to be a vital actor in a demoniac giveaway organisation period.

And they were, concealment 4 Australian Boomers member — Cameron Bairstow, Cameron Gliddon, Jason Cadee and Matt Hodgson — along with five-time NBL title-winner and Tall Blacks good Mika Vukona.

New Zealand’s Mika Vukona brings copiousness of experience. (AAP Image/Brian Cassey)Source:AAP

While other clubs are still scrambling to fill their rosters, a active Bullets have cumulative their internal share and have usually dual import spots remaining, with a tiny brazen and a ensure a recruiting targets.

Import spots are customarily filled closer to a start of a NBL deteriorate after European clubs have motionless on their American guns-for-hire.

Bullets manager Andrej Lemanis welcomes a additional expectancy that comes with a reloaded patrol packed with NBL and general experience.

“I’d most rather have good players with good talent and be approaching to win. That’s a good conditions to be in,’’ Lemanis said.

Bairstows re-signing is a boost for Brisbane. (Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images)

Bairstow’s re-signing is a boost for Brisbane. (Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images)Source:Getty Images

“People design we to win when we don’t have a talent of some of a other teams though during a finish of a day, we are all in this to grasp success and we are unequivocally gratified with what we’ve been means to do by a giveaway organisation period.

“I consider it’s a certain thoughtfulness on a bar and a fact that good peculiarity players are prepared to come and play here since they see what we are perplexing to achieve.

“The people we have been means to partisan are not usually learned basketballers, they are usually winners in terms of a enlightenment they move to a environment.

“They are guys who are prepared to do what’s compulsory for a good of a team, they’ll deposit in any other and will caring about winning.’’

The Kings scored a biggest name in Bogut. (Mark Evans/Getty Images)Source:Getty Images

Sydney landed a undisputed large fish of a giveaway organisation duration with Aussie luminary Andrew Bogut fasten a Kings in a large boost to a whole NBL, that is in high-level negotiations for a new TV deal.

But Brisbane indispensable a vital renovate and there was no improved place to start than a Boomers.

The new-look patrol will be means to strike a belligerent using given Boomers manager Lemanis has coached all of a new recruits during bar or general level.

“That laxity with a corruption and counterclaim will positively assistance though usually meaningful me as a manager and how we work and what my expectations are and all those sorts of things will be useful too,’’ he said.

“This is a organisation with a unequivocally high basketball IQ that always creates it fun to coach.’’

Last season’s Bullets MVP Travis Trice is a step closer to his NBA dream after being invited to a Milwaukee Bucks’ pre-season training camp. Trice will also play for a Bucks in a NBA Summer League.

He follows in a footsteps of associate former Bullets import Torrey Craig, who played for Denver during final year’s Summer League and won a agreement with a Nuggets for a unchanging season.

The 2018-19 NBL deteriorate will start in October.


Point guard: Jason Cadee

Shooting guard: Cameron Gliddon

Small forward: US import (TBA)

Power forward: Cameron Bairstow

Centre: Matt Hodgson


Adam Gibson (guard)

US import (guard) TBA

Mika Vukona (forward)

Tom Fullarton (guard/forward)

Will Magnay (forward/centre)

Reuben Te Rangi (forward)

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