Sydney Kings pointer bang US teen to NBL deal

The 201cm tiny brazen averaged 21.4 points, 6.8 rebounds and 3.2 assists per diversion as a comparison in high propagandize during La Lumiere, Indiana. He was a McDonald’s All-American in 2017 and ranked No.14 in ESPN’s 2017 Recruiting Class.

Bowen was one of a hottest high propagandize prospects in a US though was inextricable in debate final year when he was dangling by a Louisville Cardinals after a college basketball crime liaison that purported that his family supposed payments in sell for him selecting to attend Louisville.

He attempted to play for South Carolina but, due to an NCAA ruling, private himself from a college and a 2018 NBA Draft altogether.

Bowen, nicknamed “Tugs”, is authorised for subsequent year’s breeze and pronounced personification in a clever NBL for a Kings alongside Andrew Bogut would assistance him do his NBA dream.

“I am celebrated to be a initial actor underneath a NBL’s Next Stars module and feel it will be a ideal subsequent step as we continue a trail toward fulfilling my dream of personification in a NBA,” Bowen said.

US high propagandize star Brian Bowen Jr is headed for a Sydney Kings.Source:Getty Images

“In fasten a Sydney Kings, we couldn’t ask for a improved event to start my maestro career and demeanour brazen to training from all a team’s maestro pros, like Andrew Bogut, Jerome Randle and Brad Newley. we can’t wait to get out to Sydney and join a team.”

The Next Stars module contracts NBA draft-eligible players and develops them in Australia with a perspective to fast-tracking their willingness for a NBA.

Kings manager Andrew Gaze can’t wait to work with Bowen.

“We’re looking brazen to operative with Brian and assisting him on his basketball journey,” Gaze said. “Brian has good distance and athleticism and will yield us with options in a 3 spot.”

Sydney Kings manager Andrew Gaze is looking brazen to operative with new signing Brian Bowen Jr.Source:AAP

Bowen’s signature won’t be a final signing for a Kings this pre-season. Under Next Stars rules, teams contingency pointer an 11-man register that is additional to a Next Stars actor recruitment.

This will open a doorway for a Kings to pointer a internal actor to finish their roster.

Sydney ubiquitous manager of basketball Jeff Van Groningen reliable a Kings were looking during a series of internal players.

“We are still deliberation options during this point,” Van Groningen said.

“We will import these adult and refurbish in a nearby future.”

Van Groningen pronounced Bowen would severely support a team’s abyss during a 3 spot.

The Kings, including marquee male Bogut, open their pre-season debate opposite Japan during Sydney University on Friday from 7.30pm.


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