Basketball’s biggest meme debunked

The barbarous clip-turned-GIF featuring Bryant station unfazed as Matt Barnes pump-faked a basketball during his face during a 2010 NBA diversion was sadly debunked Tuesday, after an beyond perspective of a shave showed Bryant wasn’t station directly in front of Barnes as he calculated a inbound pass.

A shade squeeze shows Bryant convinced to a right of Barnes during a Mar 7, 2010, lean between a Magic and Lakers.

Bryant’s poise during a shave was one of his off-ball highlights from his career. He explained in 2015 that he never approaching Barnes would chuck a round during his face during a game.

“He’s crazy, though he’s not that crazy, so we didn’t flinch,” he pronounced during a time. “It was only a split-second reaction. we processed it flattering fast and realised what was going on.”

Barnes pronounced Bryant’s greeting “wasn’t even human” in 2010. He non-stop adult some-more about a play on a “Lunchtime with Roggin and Rodney” podcast in August, observant a play helped propel him to join a Lakers after in 2010.

“It wasn’t planned, it only happened,” Barnes said. “If we watch a film, I’m only vouchsafing a play behind him transpire, though we only happened to feign a round in his face and we came as tighten as we am to a microphone [in a studio] and he didn’t even blink, that we desired after a fact, though we didn’t realize during a time.”

The Magic kick a Lakers 96-94 during that game, by a way.

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