NBA MVP competition takes aroused turn

The dual favourites for MVP honours went toe-to-toe in Houston and notwithstanding Harden’s large scoring night it was Antetokounmpo who reigned with 27 points, 21 rebounds and 5 assists.

And it was one of a latter that stole a uncover — it even featured what could be called a Harden flop.

Spinning with a round in palm Antetokounmpo threw it tough opposite a court, true during Harden, who was floored when it strike his head.

The round bounced behind to an indifferent Greek Freak, who afterwards dished it to Ersan Ilyasova, who nailed a triple for one of a plays of a deteriorate as amicable media had a margin day.

Here it is from a retreat angle.

Not given Denver’s Chauncey Billups inbounded off Kobe Bryant’s behind in diversion 3 of a 2009 Western Conference finals has a round been used as such a arms in a lead adult to a basket.

Some even suggested it might as good have been a MVP prize he hurled during Harden.

Either approach a Bucks withstood a late Houston assign to reason on for a win and urge their record to an East-leading 29-11 as Malcolm Brogdon scored 24 and Khris Middleton combined 15.

For a Rockets, Harden was corroborated adult by 18 points and 13 rebounds from Clint Capela and 16 points from Gerald Green off a bench.


The battling Cleveland Cavaliers managed to take it to a New Orleans Pelicans for two-and-a-half buliding in a Big Easy though they simply couldn’t enclose Pelicans star Anthony Davis down a stretch.

The Cavs even led 63-59 during a half.

As a diversion wore on Davis’ distance and athleticism became a large factor. The immature Cavs simply could not ensure him as he and a Pels exploded late to run out 140-124 winners.

Davis finished with 38 points and 13 rebounds.

On a and side for a Cavaliers, Dellavedova had his best night given returning to a city where he won a championship with LeBron James in a 2015/16 season.

The Aussie ensure came off a dais and sparked a Cavs with 10 initial entertain points and finished with 17 points and 7 assists in 19 mins on 6 of 8 shooting.

Not that Delly’s best diversion given being traded from Milwaukee didn’t come though some controversy.

With dual mins left in a third Dellavedova went adult for a 3 and held a face of Pelicans rookie Frank Jackson with his elbow.

It looked like a Aussie leant into a rookie and sent him crashing to a court.

The throng hurled down boos on Dellavedova and a officials reviewed it for a extreme tainted though nothing was called and Dellavedova went to a free-throw line.


Earlier in a day a Philadelphia 76ers were described as a “trainwreck” by NBA researcher Bill Simmons and they didn’t do anything to inhibit that opinion in Washington.

One day after routing a Wizards, Philadelphia had a foster returned in a 123-106 loss, notwithstanding double-doubles from Ben Simmons (15 points, 10 rebounds) and Joel Embiid (35 points, 14 rebounds).

The Sixers looked sluggish from a get-go as Bradley Beal lighted a Wizards with 34 points on 13 from 21 shooting, including 6 of 11 from over a arc.

At one indicate Beal scored 14 true points in a fourth entertain as Philadelphia shot only 8 of 27 from three-point range, going 3 of 20 in a initial 3 quarters.

In law a Sixers were never unequivocally in a diversion and from a impulse Trevor Ariza delivered a asperse to give a home side a 10-8 lead in a initial quarter, it was all downhill as Philadelphia’s losing strain in a nation’s collateral stretched to 5 years.

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