Next Aussie NBA weird is Simmons 2.0

“I’m doing statistics right now,” a Sydney-born 18-year-old, whose days on a basketball court, gym and in classrooms start during 7am and go into a evening, tells AAP in his hybrid US-Australian accent.

Stats and basketball go hand-in-hand for a 198cm-tall ensure who final week was named a McDonald’s All-American — an honour countryman Ben Simmons warranted on his trail from Florida high propagandize Montverde Academy to a Philadelphia 76ers.

Green is averaging 16 points, 4 assists and is sharpened 46 per cent from three-point operation for IMG’s installed group that includes 7 of a tip 100 US high propagandize basketball players.

Prepare to see a lot some-more of this.Source:Getty Images

He is in unchanging hit with Simmons, who has taken a teen underneath his wing.

“We speak a lot,” Green said. “It’s only good to have someone like him.

“He cares about up-and-coming Australian players and we unequivocally conclude what he has finished for me.”

Green, a son of American basketball import father Delmas and Australian mom Cahla, is penetrating to fit adult for a Boomers, nonetheless his pierce to Arizona will expected order him out of personification in a World Cup in China in Aug nonetheless he is penetrating to play a 2020 Olympics.

IMG, dubbed a world’s largest and many modernized multi-sport training and educational institution, has an considerable lane record for producing basketball, tennis, ball and American football stars.

It is also a new home of former Cronulla and Australia backline ace Valentine Holmes, who incited his behind on a new $A5 million NRL agreement to try to make it in a NFL.

“Yeah, I’ve indeed been articulate to Valentine a small bit given he has been out here,” Green said.

“He seems like a good man and we can’t wait to see how he goes in a destiny in American football.”

Simmons has seen a future.Source:AFP

Before vacating Australia for a US with his family in 2014, Green was a youth Aussie manners star, that he feels gives him an corner on a basketball court.

“I consider it has translated to basketball a lot, quite jumping off one foot,” he said.

His ability to things a scoresheet with large numbers caused a feeding frenzy among America’s tip basketball colleges as Green has progressed from a NSW under-16 team, as a 13-year-old, to Arizona’s Mountain Ridge High School and eventually IMG.

He spurned offers from college powerhouses including North Carolina, Villanova and Kansas and will take adult a grant during a University of Arizona after this year.

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