Turnovers vicious hopes as Boomers tumble to Iran

Iran indispensable a win to secure their mark in August’s World Cup in China, with a Boomers already cumulative of initial place in Group F entrance into a strife in Tehran.

The home side brought a power from a opening tip and Australia shortly found themselves trailing by double-digits.

Eight turnovers in a initial entertain wreaked massacre with their corruption though they struggled usually as most during a other finish of a floor, incompetent to enclose Iran in a collect and roll.

Jarrad Weeks comes face-to-face with a Iranian large man.Source:AP

Mangok Mathiang (six points) did his best to hint a side, though Iran pushed their advantage out to 13 during a categorical break.

Three-pointers from Mitch Creek and Tim Coenraad (six points) early in a third tenure as good as some plain play from Emmett Naar (three points, 7 rebounds, 6 assists) again gave a Aussies some hope.

However, Iran had an present response any time, possibly pulling a round in transition or removing second possibility points off essential descent rebounds.

Creek (20 points, 9 rebounds, 4 assists) scored 6 points for a entertain and Weeks (eight points, 5 assists, dual steals) combined some much-needed intensity, though those efforts usually managed to usually cut a necessity marginally.

Australia could not conduct to get within single-figures until, with 3 mins remaining, Tom Wilson (16 points) breathed life into a Boomers with 3 uninterrupted three-pointers.

Mitch Creek looks for an opening by a packaged Iranian defence.Source:AP

He went on a personal 9-2 run though a repairs had already been finished as Iran combined their feat by Mohammad Jamshidi (25 points) and Behnam Yakhchali (21 points).

The World Cup pull takes place during 9.30pm (EDT) on Saturday, Mar 16.

The subsequent time a Boomers strike a justice will be during Marvel Stadium in Melbourne when they horde a USA for dual warm-up games.

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