Tiny 1.2m teen is unequivocally good during basketball

At 1.2m tall, he’s still murdering it on a court.

Complete with a ripped physique a 17-year-old high propagandize youth has been removal threes for a Cushing side and has fast turn a amicable media prodigy interjection to a highlights package of him balling hard.

At only 1.2m high he’s good brief of a tallness of a shortest male to play in a NBA, 5’3” Tyrone ‘Muggsy’ Bogues, who starred alongside Alonzo Mourning for a Charlotte Hornets in a 1990s.

His integrity — as Turner puts it, his #heartoverheight — is inspirational and he seems to be a toast of his teammates.

By his possess acknowledgment on an Instagram QA, Turner is not a star of a group though his game-high is 8 points and he does start on arise for Cushing, that given his tallness is a conspicuous achievement.

On a same discuss he perceived many messages of support about him being an impulse to others and pronounced he’s also penetrating to play Varsity hoops subsequent deteriorate for Cushing.

The dignified of a story is simple, never give adult on your dreams.

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