No rush for Cats in manager search

Rob Beveridge

UP IN THE AIR: Will Rob Beveridge be during a helm of a Wildcats subsequent season?
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UNCERTAINTY continues to approximate a Perth Wildcats’ control coaching pursuit for subsequent season, with a bar set to wait until subsequent month to announce a successful candidate.

The agreement of stream manager Rob Beveridge expires on Jun 30, with a championship-winning coach weighing adult his options after blank out on securing a Australian men’s inhabitant organisation control purpose final month.

Beveridge has been during a helm of a Cats for 4 years, securing a pretension in 2009-10 and running a side to dual some-more grand final appearances in a past dual seasons.

But it appears Perth might control in a opposite instruction subsequent season, with a bar currently releasing a matter observant interviews with possibilities both home and abroad had been scheduled for a entrance weeks.

Wildcats handling executive Nick Marvin is set to transport to a US to control some of a interviews, with some-more than 20 applications perceived for a job.

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A preference is approaching in early June.

Player signings are also approaching to start in a entrance days, with a destiny of out-of-contract stars including Kevin Lisch, Matt Knight and Shawn Redhage set to be determined.

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