I’m prepared to take reins: Walters

Melbourne Storm partner manager Kevin Walters quits a club, sparking rumours a former hillside is in line for a tip pursuit during a Queensland-based club.

KEVIN Walters’ services have been offering to a crisis-stricken Cowboys as a Broncos fable on Sunday announced himself prepared to launch his career as an NRL conduct coach.

With Neil Henry set to be sacked by a Cowboys board, Walters believes he now has a skill-set to attain in a NRL and assistance broach a premiership to a Queensland club.

The Courier-Mail can exhibit Walters’ government done hit with North Queensland powerbrokers good before news of Henry’s imminent passing pennyless on Friday night.

“I’m prepared to go … during any Queensland bar or any NRL team,” he pronounced Sunday night.

Speaking for a initial time given quitting as Melbourne’s partner on Thursday, Walters insists a possibility to reunite with his mother Narelle and 5 kids was a proclivity for withdrawal a Storm during season’s end.

But he doesn’t facade his enterprise to turn an NRL conduct manager and a stately event will arrive this week when Henry is rigourously consummated by Cowboys authority Laurence Lancini.

The former Maroons star creates it transparent he isn’t death-riding any coaching contemporary, though during age 45 he faces a now-or-never unfolding to take assign of an NRL outfit.

Not given 2006, when a Broncos dissapoint Melbourne, has a Queensland bar tasted a premiership success Walters enjoyed 5 times as Brisbane’s champion pivot.

Speculation is building North Queensland’s Neil Henry won’t manager a side over a finish of a season, following a Cowboys distressing 2 indicate detriment to Brisbane.

“I’ve worked my a*** off for a final 10 years perplexing to get myself in this position,” pronounced Walters, who began his coaching career with Toowoomba Clydesdales in 2003.

“I feel like my time is now.

“And to be honest, there is zero some-more that we can do from a coaching indicate of view, other than demeanour during where I’ve been and how many I’ve schooled and assistance a bar that needs help.

“The family was initial and inaugural on my mind. My silent upheld divided progressing this year and we didn’t wish to dig a family again and move them to Melbourne.

“I feel like, personally, we am prepared for another plea in life, a new challenge, and where it comes from I’m not sure.

“I don’t have anything petrify during a moment, though I’m assured something will come adult in a subsequent 6 to 8 weeks.”

While Queensland’s 3 NRL clubs – a Broncos, Cowboys and Titans – are all grieving outward a tip eight, a many expected event for Walters is in Townsville.


Kevin Walters says he is prepared for a plea of coaching a Cowboys. Picture: Peter Wallis

The Titans would face a $1 million-plus payout sacking John Cartwright, while Broncos trainer Paul White insists Anthony Griffin is sealed in for 2014.

But a Cowboys have a vacancy. It is accepted Walters, Paul Green and Trent Barrett are frontline contenders to reinstate Henry during a bar that has unsuccessful to win a premiership given a 1995 inception.

Despite his flashy story with a Broncos, Walters has no enterprise to be an partner to Griffin, observant a 10-year tutelage has him good versed to regulate over an NRL club.

“I consider I’m prepared to manager a group by myself, if it’s not a Broncos, it competence have to be somewhere else,” he said.

“I haven’t oral to a Cowboys and we don’t wish to be seen to be going for people’s jobs. I’m available, I’m returning to Brisbane, we haven’t got a club, though if there is an opportunity, we will take it.

“It’s not about hawking myself around. we need to be intelligent about something that does come up, since we consider we will usually get one moment and we can’t means to blow it.”

Walters’ resume would be a enviousness of any determined NRL coach. He has worked as an partner to master coaches Wayne Bennett and Craig Bellamy, worked underneath Mal Meninga during a Maroons, coached dual Queensland Cup clubs and called a shots during French Super League bar Les Catalans.

Walters narrowly mislaid out to Mick Potter for a Wests Tigers pursuit final October. But as a sequence premiership winner, Walters believes he can move success to an NRL outfit.

“If we demeanour during my resume, I’d be astounded if any manager outward of a NRL would have my pedigree,” he said.

“I can move a winning enlightenment and winning methods to an organisation. we know we can move that, winning is a habit.

“I’ve been all over a place perplexing to upskill myself as a manager and I’ve surfaced it off with Craig Bellamy in Melbourne. we unequivocally don’t consider we can do many some-more to supplement to a artillery as such.

“The time is right to get into an NRL bar and let me do my things … we am really assured about what we can move to an organisation.”

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