Maradona ‘kicks photographer in groin’


A luminary photographer has indicted Diego Maradona, pictured, of kicking him in a groin. Picture: AP.
Source: AP

A CELEBRITY repository photographer has indicted Diego Maradona of kicking him in a groin.

“Gente” repository photographer Enrique Medina filed a military censure claiming a 1986 World Cup leader pounded him outward Maradona’s father’s residence on Sunday night.

Medina pronounced Maradona ran during him “like he was holding a giveaway kick” and kicked him so tough in a groin and top leg area that he “doubled over in pain.”

Maradona has mostly complained that that a media follow him too closely.

In 1994, he dismissed an atmosphere gun during reporters and was given a two-year dangling sentence.

In May, he stopped his automobile on a highway and threw rocks during cameramen following him home from a airport.

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