Stray equine disharmony during Flemington

Impulse Buy

Racehorse Impulse Buy crashed by several ascent yard fences during Flemington. Picture: Simon Buckley
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A DRAMATIC occurrence could have been catastrophic during Flemington today, with a dismayed equine crashing by 3 fences before galloping by a member’s lawn.

Impulse Buy took trepidation as it left a ascent yard for a fourth race, tossing manoeuvre Kayla Nisbet before crashing by a open grass fence.

It afterwards attempted a awkward jump over a ascent yard fence, flattening it.

A journal photographer jumped clear, avoiding a potentially catastrophic collision.

Impulse Buy sent congregation sprawling in a ascent yard, slammed into another horse, afterwards crashed by another blockade before charging by a member’s lawn.

Members in suits gave follow before tutor Jason Warren grasped a horse’s reins.

Jason Maskiell

Impulse Buy – graphic after winning final month – took trepidation in a Flemington ascent yard. 

Racing Victoria authority Rob Roulston pronounced it was propitious nobody was hurt.

“Imagine if it had been Derby Day?’’ he said.

Warren pronounced a horse’s saddle had slipped over a behind.

“It’s a identical impact to side ropes during a rodeos. All they wish to do is buck,’’ he said.

“I was only returning from a stripping sheds and saw this equine galloping towards me.’’

Impulse Buy was not believed to be severely hurt.

The fences were broken in a rampage.

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