Cats conflict can be downfall: Thompson

Scott Thompson

Crows onballer Scott Thompson in movement opposite a Tigers. Picture: Michael Dodge.
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ADELAIDE midfielder Scott Thompson has indicated Geelong’s biggest strength – it’s all-out aggressive inlet – can also be a debility that allows a Crows to hide an dissapoint win as they find to sojourn in a finals competition today.

Geelong’s bent to cut by a center of a belligerent and bravely take a diversion on is a area Adelaide will find to feat with a heightened clarity of vigour during West Lakes this afternoon.

Thompson, who will play his 200th diversion for a Crows, is wakeful of a bulk of a challenge, though believes Adelaide is on a margin of proof a form is improved than a record suggests.

“It is a large challenge,” Thompson said. “Geelong is no doubt a benchmark again.

“But in observant that, we consider a form for a final dual weeks aside hasn’t been as bad as what has been written.

“There’s been rags where we’ve lacked in thoroughness and been down one a few of areas that has unequivocally cost us during a finish of a diversion with a result.

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Lance Franklin

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“They unequivocally like to take a diversion on. They unequivocally behind in their diversion character and have good certainty within their organisation with what any actor is able of doing.

“But they coquette with a round during times and hopefully a vigour is good adequate to spin it over and get a round going a way.”

Making a Geelong compare a larger jump is a detriment of Patrick Dangerfield, who is approaching to skip 3 weeks since of shoulder injury.

Thompson pronounced there was not one actor who could reinstate Dangerfield, a club’s many widespread midfielder, and that a rest of a organisation would have to share a load.

“Bring in 3 blokes,” Thompson pronounced with a giggle when asked how to reinstate Dangerfield. “He’s going to be a large loss, there’s no doubt about that.

“But Patrick is out for during slightest this week. We know what he gives us in contested round and offensively though someone will come in and do a job.

“We’ve got (Richard) Tambling and Mitch Grigg personification his initial game, that will be good for him. They will no doubt do a pursuit for a team. They won’t be Patrick Dangerfield, and we don’t design that. No one is him. But if they do their role, that’s all we design from them.”

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