Sydney Kings pointer bang US teen to NBL deal

The 201cm tiny brazen averaged 21.4 points, 6.8 rebounds and 3.2 assists per diversion as a comparison in high propagandize during La Lumiere, Indiana. He was a McDonald’s All-American in 2017 and ranked No.14 in ESPN’s 2017 Recruiting Class.

Bowen was one of a hottest high propagandize prospects in a US though was inextricable in debate final year when he was dangling by a Louisville Cardinals after a college basketball crime liaison that purported that his family supposed payments in sell for him selecting to attend Louisville.

He attempted to play for South Carolina but, due to an NCAA ruling, private himself from a college and a 2018 NBA Draft altogether.

Bowen, nicknamed “Tugs”, is authorised for subsequent year’s breeze and pronounced personification in a clever NBL for a Kings alongside Andrew Bogut would assistance him do his NBA dream.

“I am celebrated to be a initial actor underneath a NBL’s Next Stars module and feel it will be a ideal subsequent step as we continue a trail toward fulfilling my dream of personification in a NBA,” Bowen said.

US high propagandize star Brian Bowen Jr is headed for a Sydney Kings.Source:Getty Images

“In fasten a Sydney Kings, we couldn’t ask for a improved event to start my maestro career and demeanour brazen to training from all a team’s maestro pros, like Andrew Bogut, Jerome Randle and Brad Newley. we can’t wait to get out to Sydney and join a team.”

The Next Stars module contracts NBA draft-eligible players and develops them in Australia with a perspective to fast-tracking their willingness for a NBA.

Kings manager Andrew Gaze can’t wait to work with Bowen.

“We’re looking brazen to operative with Brian and assisting him on his basketball journey,” Gaze said. “Brian has good distance and athleticism and will yield us with options in a 3 spot.”

Sydney Kings manager Andrew Gaze is looking brazen to operative with new signing Brian Bowen Jr.Source:AAP

Bowen’s signature won’t be a final signing for a Kings this pre-season. Under Next Stars rules, teams contingency pointer an 11-man register that is additional to a Next Stars actor recruitment.

This will open a doorway for a Kings to pointer a internal actor to finish their roster.

Sydney ubiquitous manager of basketball Jeff Van Groningen reliable a Kings were looking during a series of internal players.

“We are still deliberation options during this point,” Van Groningen said.

“We will import these adult and refurbish in a nearby future.”

Van Groningen pronounced Bowen would severely support a team’s abyss during a 3 spot.

The Kings, including marquee male Bogut, open their pre-season debate opposite Japan during Sydney University on Friday from 7.30pm.


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Bogut’s initial Kings compare live on a Tele

The Kings pre-season hearing opposite Japan – streamed live and exclusively on – will be Bogut’s initial tour for a NBL bar given he returned home to Australia from a NBA.

Tune into to watch a compare live from Brydens Stadium during Sydney University.

Don’t skip Andrew Bogut’s initial compare with a Kings.Source:The Daily Telegraph

Coverage will embody pre-show research as good as an disdainful talk with Bogut during halftime.

Kings commentator and historian Matt McQuade and former Kings captain and Fox Sports NBL tourist Brad Rosen will yield explanation for a clash, with sideline stating from The Daily Telegraph’s possess basketball publisher Matt Logue.

Kings manager Andrew Gaze will also by mic’d adult via a broadcast.

The pre-match uncover starts during 7:15pm on Friday (August 10), with a Kings holding on Japan live from 7:30pm.

Tickets to a compare are using out quick – click here to buy yours now.

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Melania backs LeBron after Trump insult

First his daughter Ivanka Trump labelled his immigration process a “low point” for his administration and now his wife, Melania Trump has corroborated basketballer LeBron James after a nasty twitter from a US President.

Mr Trump’s twitter came after a basketball luminary sat down with CNN anchor Don Lemon to speak about a new propagandize he is opening for disadvantaged youths in his hometown of Akron, Ohio.

LeBron James speaks during a opening rite for a we Promise School in Akron, Ohio.Source:AP

The US President has come underneath glow for aggressive James’ comprehension and suggesting that Chicago Bulls fable Michael Jordan is a improved basketballer.

James — who once pronounced that Mr Trump doesn’t “give a f**k about people” — is deliberate by many a biggest actor in a sport’s history.

Mr Trump’s final line is a curtsy to a famous 90s Gatorade blurb featuring Jordan propelling viewers to “Be Like Mike.”

As snub over Mr Trump’s comments grew, James sent out a twitter of his own, though not one directly directed during Trump.

Instead, a Lakers star retweeted a print of children during his we Promise School.

It seems everybody from Melania Trump, to tip Republicans and Jordan himself have come out to support James.

A mouthpiece for Melania Trump pronounced it appears that LeBron James is “working to do good things” and that a initial lady would be peaceful to revisit a new propagandize he non-stop in Ohio.

“It looks like LeBron James is operative to do good things on interest of a subsequent generation,” she said.

US President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump. Picture: AFPSource:AFP

The matter records that Melania has been compelling her Be Best debate and articulate to children about a “importance of obliged online behaviour.”

Jordan also uttered his support for James in a feud, revelation NBC News “I support LJ. He is doing an extraordinary pursuit for his community.”

Michael Jordan came out ancillary LeBron James. Picture: GettySource:Supplied

Twitter users chimed in with their takes on a line.

Even Republican John Kasich took Mr Trump to charge for his comments on James.

President Donald Trump incited his rage on a basketball luminary around Twitter. Picture: APSource:AP

“I hatred that Trump twitter about LeBron so most though I’m still shouting during a ‘I like Mike’ part,” pronounced user @BrettRasdall. “Had to get his GOAT [greatest of all time] take in like everybody else.”

Mr Trump’s twitter came after a basketball luminary sat down with CNN anchor Don Lemon. Picture: APSource:AP

User @thatchriswalker posted, “Weird, Mike doesn’t seem to like you,” joining to a matter Mr Jordan done ancillary NBA players’ rights to criticism opposite Mr Trump’s policies.

Last year, James tweeted directly during Mr Trump after a US President tweeted that he was withdrawing a White House invitation to a Golden State Warriors since Stephen Curry was “hesitating” about going.

This essay was creatively published in theNew York Post and has been reproduced here with permission.

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Matt drains biggest ‘three’

After a few attempts, a maestro large male will finally call time for good on his basketball career after a 2018 QBL season. Smith spoke to Jordan Gerransabout a highs and lows of his career.

Firstly, how many retirements is this and can we endorse this will be your final hurrah?

This is series 3 — everybody gets three, right? It’s unequivocally it this time, for a accumulation of reasons a other few times it wasn’t totally my decision, yet this is all me. we usually can’t stay on a building anymore. My row is that a lot of it has to do with a all of a damn using required. Plus I’m traffic with kids in a their late teens, early 20s, some of them, we have been personification longer than they have been alive. we haven’t played given May and we usually don’t reanimate like we used to. What we suspicion would be a dual or 3 week damage has stranded around for 9 and there are a lot of miles on my body. I’m branch 40 subsequent year, a positively time. When we initial motionless to have another impulse during it, Tim Lowcock from Cairns Total Physio was operative on perplexing to put something of cave behind together, we consider it was a shoulder, and he asked my daughters if they were vehement to see me play again. my youngest replied “no, given he will get hurt.”

You have supposing your Facebook friends roughly daily updates on stages of your career given dogmatic 2018 would be your final season. Has it been good reminiscing?

It’s been fun, what we don’t acknowledge to ourselves in a moment, yet what is plainly true, is that veteran competition is flattering absurd and being a unequivocally clarification of common creates a knowledge even some-more bizarre. Literally it is grown organisation being paid to follow around an arrogant square of leather and chuck it by a hoop. Its nuts. Fun as hell, yet totally irrational. In a finish it’s a small moments that we tend to remember and we consider that’s what we will skip a many and that’s what a posts are about; a stupidity of a competition and those times that usually teammates and people in a impulse will be wakeful of. Since we started I’ve had former teammates, coaches and opponents strech out to me and contend they suffer a posts, or it sparks review between aged guys. I’m beholden that It’s been unequivocally good perceived by a basketball community.

Cairns Taipans actor Nate Jawai meets pint distance fan Nevaeh Collins, 5, during a sports day. PICTURE: BRENDAN RADKE.Source:News Corp Australia

Looking behind during your career, who was a best actor we possibly played with or opposite and what stood out about them?

Wow, we got kick by so many players. Its tough to select usually one. There have been 5 that were so good we thought, “well this is usually pointless. I’m usually anticipating they miss.” In no order: Chris Anstey, a 3 male trapped in a 7’1 hyper jaunty body; Yi Jianlian, scholastic me in China so badly we wanted to quit; Lamar Odom — all about personification him sucked; Nate Jawai — a lot rims were transposed given we couldn’t stop Nate dunking; Elton Brand — we hold him to 35 points as a rookie, we like to consider we gave him a certainty to be great.

Obviously we have finished a quip in 2018, do we feel we have gotten out of a deteriorate what we were acid for?

There was a bit going on in my life and we had kind of mislaid my approach a little, a lot of athletes onslaught with mental health issues when it is all over and we had slipped a little. So, to mangle a despondency we started toying with a thought of personification again. Basketball, a games, a trainings, a diets, a gym — it all focuses me and creates an sourroundings with a kind of fortify we need to be improved during all else; and we know what? It worked. Another partial of it was usually “can we do it?” I’m scarcely 40, we have been doing this for a prolonged time and my physique is flattering kick up, yet some people who we have a lot of time for fundamentally told me that it’s my final shot and we competence as good see what happens. It’s a best preference we have ever made. Injuries aside, I’ve had a good time this year. Before a deteriorate started Cairns Marlins manager Jamie O’Loughlin met me for lunch and fundamentally asked a same question, conjunction of us unequivocally had any thought if we would be means to contest during that turn or even stay on a floor. But we am unequivocally grateful to him for holding a shot on me anyway and vouchsafing me do this. That answer was a bit deeper than we had primarily intended, yet there we go, good doubt Jordan.

Cairns Marlins manager Jamie O’Loughlin. Picture: BRENDAN RADKE.Source:News Corp Australia

Of a teams we played on, that year or organisation do we consider had a many gifted roster?

For a Taipans, ’05-06 was a year. Martin Cattalini was in his primary and so was Darnell Mee, Gary Boodnikoff had a dermatitis year, we had an import 5 in Chris Burgess who was legit. Anthony Stewart was still removing it finished we had plain behind ups in Aaron Grabau, Melvin Thomas, Kane Oakley and Nathan Crosswell. It was a unequivocally offset group.

How have we seen a Cairns Marlins 2018 debate so far?

From a dais while harmed (see what we did there?), I’ve been speedy by it, with difference of Jarrad Prior and I, it’s a garland of kids innate in a midst ’90s. we have wardrobe comparison than some members of this team. Jamie has a prophesy for what he wants a organisation to be and a guys have bought in yet given a high turnover of players from final year, something like that, it doesn’t usually occur immediately. This deteriorate is as many for now as it is for a destiny — there are players in that locker room right now who will have 10-year careers possibly during this turn or a subsequent one adult and right now they are removing profitable reps. They are training to play radically though a reserve net, a going to be so critical for their development. Basketball takes some time to unequivocally understand, many players will be in their late 20s by a time they finally get a hoop on it. These guys still have a few years of training to do, their bodies will mature some-more as well. At 27 or 30 an NBL actor has 10 years of tough lifting in a gym where as a 23-year-old competence usually have dual or three, a that kind of thing that usually takes time, it can’t be brisk up, it is literally usually reps. we am vehement for these guys though, being immature with all that guarantee and their careers out in front of them, each week removing to exam a extent of their powers, going divided training something new and doing it all again. It’s so moving to watch.

Cairns Taipans Coach Mike Kelly. PICTURE: STEWART MCLEAN.Source:News Corp Australia

Looking ahead, what are your thoughts on a Taipans new epoch underneath Mike Kelly?

I know a lot of a guys are vehement to play for him. Mike had finished a tough yards and came to a NBL by a state leagues that is unequivocally tough for an import to successfully do, so he knows a grind. we favourite what we review about him adjusting his corruption to fit his players. If we demeanour during coaches like Greg Popovich and Mike Kryszewlski they adjust their offences and philosophies to maximize a talents of their groups. If that is a instruction that Mike is holding afterwards we consider that is a unequivocally enlivening sign, and guys are going to wish to play in a complement that allows them to be a best chronicle of themselves.

You would know Kelly good from his personification days yet what are your impressions as a coach?

Mike ’s amazing, we plea we to find anyone in a joining past or benefaction to contend anything snarky about him … it literally can’t be done. we never played with him, yet we have a lot of friends who did and they overtly can’t pronounce rarely adequate of him. He has finished a tough yards, unequivocally put in a work with guys like Shawn Dennis during Townsville and Dean Vickerman during Melbourne, incidentally dual coaches who we unequivocally honour and have good pedigree; he did his tutelage with some of a best. we unequivocally consider he will be a player’s coach, someone who a organisation will unequivocally wish to play for. Mike was a phenomenally tough player, yet he never crossed a line, never inexpensive or unwashed — usually hard. we consider he’ll be great.

How have we found your courtside announcing purpose we have finished with a Taipans?

I unequivocally like it, partly given we get to see everyone. Though my era is fundamentally finished, we consider Mika Vukona and Nate Jawai are a usually guys we played with still going. But each organisation has someone I’m penetrating to locate adult with (coach, actor and ubiquitous manager) and have a discerning discuss to before a game. It’s unequivocally good to still be concerned and we get to gloss a fable a small bit.

What was it like being on a AND1 tour? They were outrageous behind in a day.

And 1 was nuts, we played in front of some of a largest basketball crowds in Australian history, it was reduction of a diversion and some-more of an exhibition, a manners were practiced to safeguard limit highlights, we had to be within arms length of your competition when they had a ball. People informed with how we play basketball would be wakeful that me adult and in on a ensure is flattering many a recipe for disaster. But it all kind of finished sense.

Matt Smith

The charismatic Smith played 116 NBL games in a 2000s and was partial of a Snakes side that came within one review of pulling a pin in a 2008/09 season.

Smith is a Taipans’ record hilt for blocked shots.

He will call time on his basketball career when a Marlins are finished their 2018 QBL season. His final diversion in Cairns competence be tonight opposite Sunshine Coast Phoenix depending on playoff outcomes.


Juniors — Sale Sonics

1996 — Geelong Supercats, training actor on propagandize holidays alongside former Taipan Aaron Grabau

1997 — North Melbourne Giants as a training player

1998-99 — Fairfield University CT

1999-00 — Wollongong Hawks

2000-2003 — Lander University SC

2003-04 — Victoria Giants

2004-05 — NZ Breakers

2005-09 — Cairns Taipans

2009-13 — Couch

2013-15 — Cairns Marlins

2016-2017 — Couch again

2018 — Cairns Marlins

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Kobe quip rumours close down

The speculation, fuelled by Lakers fans’ fast adore for Bryant, was increased by earlier teammate Shaquille O’Neal’s podcast prophecy that Bryant would lapse to group with James — a four-time NBA Most Valuable Player sealed by a Lakers in July.

Vanessa Bryant, quizzed by a fan in a comments of an Instagram video she had posted of herself on vacation in Mexico, pronounced no way.



“Kobe will not be entrance out of retirement to play again,” she said. “He doesn’t wish to play again and honestly we unequivocally suffer spending time together as a family but a crazy diversion report interfering with birthdays, holidays and special events.”

Bryant, 39, played with O’Neal from 1996-2004. He won 5 NBA titles with a Lakers before timid in 2016 and given afterwards has followed a accumulation of projects.

In March, Bryant won an Oscar for a charcterised brief film “Dear Basketball,” a partnership with artist Glen Keane and mythological composer John Williams.

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