England batting manager Gooch isn’t happy with batsmen observant that a skills are being chipped divided by shorter forms of a game.

AFTER witnessing Australia’s defeat during Lord’s, England good Graham Gooch fears a skills of Test compare batting are being eroded by Twenty20 and one-day cricket.

Gooch says a financial rewards offering by T20 competitions around a universe are so good that a customary of Test batting is doubtful to improve.

Now portion as a England batting coach, some partial of Gooch would have enjoyed examination Australia’s initial innings fall in a second Test.

But a cricketing precisionist within lamented saying undoubted justification that Test cricket is underneath threat.

Australia’s bad thoroughness and terrible shot preference during a double has been blamed mostly on a change of T20, and Gooch doesn’t disagree.

“It’s a whole package of not usually carrying a technical skills though carrying a attitude, a mental toughness, a discipline, a concentration. Anyone can combine for 15-20 minutes, though to measure Test hundreds we have to combine for a prolonged duration of time,” Gooch said.

“Those skills we consider worldwide are being chipped divided during a edges by a volume of one-day cricket and T20 cricket.

“If you’re a conventionalist and like Test cricket and consider that’s a apex and a benchmark, we can see with a array of competitions that are popping adult and a rewards that are accessible in terms of finance … we can see a probability of it chipping divided during a edges of a normal game.

“The players, they wish to take those rewards.

Former Test batsman Damien Martyn says Australia’s tip sequence need to be some-more trained in their shot preference in a Ashes.

“And that’s a same for each country.”

Under Gooch’s tutelage, England’s batsmen don’t seem to have mislaid a ability of batting for prolonged periods.

Ian Bell and Joe Root have put on large hundreds this Ashes series, and have been prepared to bat out prolonged durations in sequence to get there.

England captain Alastair Cook pronounced Gooch played a poignant purpose in gripping batsmen focused on Test cricket as their categorical priority.

Gooch pronounced it was apropos a flourishing conflict to keep batsmen’s minds on a job.

“You’ve got to work tough to try to keep your players on lane and apparently try to teach them as good as we can on a skills and a mental skills that are required to bat long. It’s a opposite form of skill,” he said.

South Australia manager Darren Berry believes Australia’s Test cricketers need to extent a volume of Twenty20 cricket they play.

“Time will tell (whether England is higher to Australia and other nations). we can’t give we a decisive answer now, since approach after we finish this emanate will still be alive and kicking.

“I’d hatred to consider that normal skills get eroded and diluted.”

The Sheffield Shield foe has also come underneath critique for a bad credentials of Test batsmen – with pitches favoring quick bowlers blamed for so few hundreds being scored on a domestic scene.

Former England captain Andrew Flintoff says England’s advantage this Ashes is in a strength of their County Championship.

“We should be singing a praises of a County Championship for producing such an glorious set of players,” Flintoff wrote in The Sun.

“Our 18 clubs always devise forward and it is a high customary of cricket that meets youngsters such as Joe Root when they mangle through.

Chris Rogers

Chris Rogers was discharged in annoying conform twice during a Lord’s Test.

“This is essential, quite for batsmen. And Australia’s stream ones, bar Michael Clarke, simply aren’t adult to it.”

Back adult wicket screw Matthew Wade is on a verge of preference for a third Ashes exam as a dilettante batsmen.

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Lucas Browne

Heavyweight Lucas “Big Daddy” Browne has set adult a showdown with Alex Leapai after derailing Travis “Freight Train” Walker. Picture: Theo Fakos
Source: Herald Sun

AUSTRALIA’S bumbling hulk Lucas “Big Daddy” Browne climbed from a board in Melbourne on Thursday night to derail large American Travis “Freight Train” Walker in 7 rounds and contend his dominant record.

The 120kg Perth-based Browne (now 17-0, 15 KOs) set adult a showdown with Brisbane’s universe No.8 Alex Leapai, climbing from a rug in spin one, to dump Walker in a third, fifth and sixth rounds. Walker’s dilemma late their tired warrior during a finish of a seventh.

On his prior revisit to Australia Walker had knocked out Australia’s maestro universe pretension challenger Kali Meehan.

Leapai is assured he has a energy to stop Browne while Browne believes he has a size, strength and expertise to frustrate a Brisbane bomber.

On a undercard final night, Jake Carr fought brilliantly in usually his fifth pro quarrel to outpoint Australian super-middleweight champ Serge Yannick, whose victims have enclosed a likes of Nader Hamdan, Jamie Pittman and Shannan Taylor.

Carr’s father, Rod Carr, won a same Australian pretension in 1989.

Earlier Australia’s tip light-heavyweight, a lanky and cunning southpaw Blake Caparello outpointed New Zealand’s tip male during 79kg Daniel MacKinnon.

It was an interesting tactical conflict with Caparello prevalent with a infancy decision.

Judge Reg Williamson scored it even during 114-114 – 6 rounds each yet was over-ruled by Malcolm Bulner (118-111) and Andrew Campbell (116-112) who scored it for Caparello.

JEFF Fenech will be towering to ‘Legend’ standing during a Australian Boxing Hall of Fame during Melbourne’s Crown Casino subsequent Friday (August 2).

The endowment is approval of his extensive fighting record that saw him spin a initial Australian to reason 3 universe titles and a usually warrior from anywhere in a universe to do it while undefeated.

But he could have warranted a drum on his training record alone.

He has, during opposite stages, coached each Aussie universe champion of new times including Danny Green, Daniel Geale, Lovemore Ndou, Billy Dib, Vic Darchinyan and Sakio Bika as good as other top-liners Glen and Kevin Kelly,

Shannan Taylor, Nader Hamdan, Garth Wood and Nedal and Hussy Hussein. He also lerned Mike Tyson for his final quarrel in 2005.

FORMER universe welterweight and middleweight champion Emile Griffith, who died this week in New York aged 75, supposing Australia’s Tony Mundine with a biggest feat of his career.

It came during a Palais des Sport in Paris in 1973. Griffith had usually mislaid a tighten preference to universe middleweight champ Carlos Monzon.

Mundine would remove to a universe titleholder in Argentina a following year.

Griffith, though, is best famous for a heartless 1962 universe pretension quarrel that claimed a life of his arch opposition Benny ‘Kid’ Paret.

The West Indian-born Griffith was bisexual and Paret had used a happy offence opposite him during a weigh-in yet Griffith always confirmed that he had not dictated to henceforth repairs his Cuban foe.

In 1992, Griffith spent 4 months in sanatorium after being bashed by a squad of thugs who pounced on him as he left a happy bar in New York.

FEW boxers in a universe are as competent to consider a Sep 14 superfight between Floyd Mayweather Jr and Mexican Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez as Australia’s Lovemore Ndou.

The large quarrel during a MGM Grand, Las Vegas, pits a speed and ring-smarts of a 36-year-old Mayweather (44-0, 26 KOs) opposite a girl and strength of a red-headed Alvarez (42-0, 30 KOs) who during 23 has taken a fighting universe by storm.

They strife for a WBC and WBA light-middleweight titles.

Ndou, Australia’s former two-time universe champ, spent 4 months in Las Vegas as Mayweather’s ring partner and in 2010 gave Alvarez a tough 12-round quarrel in Veracruz, Mexico. (I was advantageous to be in his dilemma for a quarrel alongside Ndou’s trainer, South African fighting good Harold Volbrecht).

Ndou can’t see Alvarez blemishing Mayweather’s ideal record.

“Mayweather is too fast, too skilful,” Ndou told me.

“Canelo has fought a lot of guys smaller than him and his record is inflated.

“I was usually a junior-welterweight when he fought me and he was a lot bigger.

“Even when Canelo kick Austin Trout in his final quarrel (a 12-round preference in April) he didn’t stir me.

“Canelo is a clever child yet he will have difficulty throwing Floyd who is a good healthy contestant and a warrior who works really tough to make a many of his talent.”

AT 37 Puerto Rican Manny Siaca is past his best yet he should still infer a plain opponent  for a Gold Coast’s Les Sherrington, now ranked a No.10 contender for a WBO middleweight title.

The 185cm Siaca sprang a large dissapoint when he used his tallness and strech advantages to rug and outpoint Anthony Mundine for a WBA super-middleweight pretension in 2004.

He has been stopped by Denmark’s Mikkel Kessler and by a possess Danny Green in a years given yet has won his final 3 fights in a row.

He still has a accessible record of 25-7 (20 KOs). Sherrington is 32-6.

They quarrel during Southport Sharks AFL Club on Sep 20.

MUNDINE, meanwhile, says he is operative tough to move faded fable Shane Mosley to Australia after this year for a junior-middleweight clash.

Mosley, 42 in September, was one of a excellent fighters of his generation, posting wins over Oscar de la Hoya, Fernando Vargas and Antonio Margarito, while pang points defeats to Floyd Mayweather Jr, Manny Pacquiao, Miguel

Cotto, Winky Wright (twice), Vernon Forrest (twice) and Saul Alvarez.

Mundine binds a 44-5 (26 knockouts) record while Mosley is 47-8 (39 KOs).

Mosley final fought in Cancun, Mexico, where he kick Pablo Cesar Cano in May, his initial win in 5 fights.

CALOUNDRA junior-middleweight Craig Hill Jr fights Shannon “Shaggy” King for a Australian pretension on Aug 29. Both boxers are unbeaten.

Hill is a great-grandson of heading Brisbane tutor Snowy Hill, whose fighters enclosed a world-beater of a 1940s, Elley Bennett.

They quarrel for King’s pretension during a plush Eatons Hill Hotel in Brisbane’s north.

King won a crown, entrance from behind on points to stop David Galvin of Alice Springs in a ninth round. He had suffered a detonate eardrum early in a bout.

GOOD to see Brisbane’s WBF women’s featherweight champion Shannon O’Connell nominated for a Pride of Australia Inspiration Medal this year.

She told The Courier-Mail’s Mike Bruce that she mislaid her father in a speedway collision when she was usually dual and spent her childhood examination her mom racked by a heroin obsession that finally claimed her life in 2006.

Shannon has overcome her possess battles with drinks, drugs and depression, and had a earnest netball career cruelled by injury.

She has lifted dual children as a solitary parent.

AUSTRALIA’S former universe featherweight champ Billy Dib facilities in an online documentary about his query to recover a IBF climax from Russian Evgeny Gradovich. The latest complement focuses on his new points preference over American Mike Oliver in Hartford, Connecticut.

DIB’S heading Aussie rival, Joel Brunker, – undefeated in 26 fights and ranked No.4 featherweight contender by a WBO, will be perplexing to measure a some-more considerable win over a sharp Oliver when they quarrel on a Daniel Geale-Darren Barker undercard in Atlantic City on Aug 17.

Brunker’s manager Angelo Di Carlo is charity Australia’s former universe champ Vic Darchinyan “between $60,000 and $100,000 to quarrel anywhere in Australia”.

Darchinyan is eyeing a rematch instead with a initial male to better him, Filipino Nonito Donaire, yet Brunker is watchful if that hitch fails to go through.

“We had Chris John sealed to urge his WBA pretension opposite Joel yet afterwards Chris pulled out,” Di Carlo said.

“Chris is rated as a best featherweight in a universe yet he is in decrease and we wish to get him before he loses a pretension to someone else.

“The offer to quarrel Vic Darchinyan is still there and we’re watchful for Vic to contend ‘yes’.”

THE welterweight showdown between Brisbane schoolteacher and London Olympian Jeff Horn and Cameroon-born Rivan Cesaire on Aug 8 during a Southport RSL promises to be a classic.

Cesaire, who fought during a 2006 Commonwealth Games in Melbourne before settling there, has already scored considerable victories opposite Steven Maxwell, Brad Hemming, Jason Kanofski, Olympian Todd Kidd and Tim Hunt.

Horn has been ring Beijing Olympian and universe No.3 middleweight Jarrod Fletcher and former Irish champ Dennis Hogan in preparation.

“This is a really critical quarrel for Jeff,” pronounced his tutor Glenn Rushton.

“A win over Cesaire would place Jeff tighten to a shot during a Australian title, something we set a sights on attaining by a finish of this year.

“It has been tough removing fights for Jeff. We had creatively engaged to quarrel Leti Leti, who pulled out. We afterwards sealed to quarrel former universe IBF champion Gairy St. Clair, usually to have him also lift out.

“When Jeff takes on Rivan, it will be a family affair, as Jeff’s younger hermit Ben will be one of a people assisting me in his corner. Ben is also a earnest pledge warrior and is also lerned by me.

“Also in Jeff’s corner, will be Angel Rushton, my daughter, who, during usually 16, won a Open Women’s State 64kg pretension final year and has her sights resolutely set on a Rio Olympics.”

AUSTRALIA’S new WBC super-middleweight champion Sakio Bika has shaped a tighten loyalty with British fighting good Nigel Benn, now a born-again Christian assisting kids during a Blacktown PCYC in Sydney.

Benn, a universe middleweight and super-middleweight champion once famous as The Dark Destroyer, was one of a many feared fighters of a 90s, warring with a likes of Chris Eubank, Steve Collins, Iran Barkley, Henry Wharton and many famously Gerald McClellan, who he stopped in 10 rounds of one of a many heartless fights of all time.

McClellan was left roughly blind, partially deaf and in a wheelchair.

THERE was good sportsmanship by a formerly dominant American heavyweight Malik Scott after he seemed to be a plant of a discerning count opposite England’s Dereck Chisora during Wembley final week.

Scott was stopped on his feet.

“He strike me with a good shot,” pronounced Scott. “I gave myself an eight, got adult during 9 and everywhere in America a count goes adult to 10.

“Everyone knows we kick a count yet Dereck won a transparent fair, quarrel and we’re not going to spin this into something.”

Last year Scott stopped former Penrith Panthers rugby joining youth Bowie Tupou, a heavyweight who kicked off his pro career with Johnny Lewis.

THERE were romantic scenes during a Queensland Boxing Hall of Fame awards during Yatala recently when former world-class welterweight Paul Moore assimilated comparison hermit Alan as an inductee.

Moore, who once kick universe champ Rocky Mattioli, removed his fighting career starting during his father Selby’s travelling tent fighting show.

“Everyone who went to a nation shows in a ’60s would remember a fighters lined adult and people peaceful to have a moment during them,” he said.

“My initial pursuit was during 15 banging a drum to stir adult a crowd, and it was always a box that many people would say, ‘I wish to quarrel a small bloke banging a drum’.”

After graduating from tent fights, Moore went on to have 53 veteran bouts, starting during Festival Hall, Brisbane in 1968 and finale during a Palais des Sports in Paris a night that Tony Mundine kick Emile Griffith in 1973.

we AM positively gay to be essay a story of Australian Boxing for a National Library of Australia. It will implement a library’s large collection of chronological photos and is due for recover late subsequent year.

FRESH from dual uninterrupted knockouts of David Price, a 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games super-heavyweight bullion medallist, American southpaw Tony Thompson now hopes to repeat a pretence opposite Bulgarian large male Kubrat Pulev.

TIMOTHY Bradley, best famous for ripping a aura of  Manny Pacquiao final year with a tighten decision, will put his universe welterweight pretension on a line opposite Mexican good Juan Manuel Marquez on Oct 12 during a Thomas Mack Centre in Las Vegas.

Marquez (55-6-1, 40 KOs) will be 40 years aged by then. He is entrance off a sixth-round knockout of Pacquiao.

In 2010 Marquez climbed off a rug to stop Toowoomba’s imperishable Michael Katsidis during a MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Pacquiao’s subsequent hitch will be opposite combative Brandon Rios on Sep 23 in Macau, China.

GERMANY’S Karo Murat will face IBF light-heavyweight champion Bernard Hopkins during Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City on Oct 19. Hopkins, 48, is a oldest universe champion in fighting history.

Twitter: @GrantleeKieza

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Adrian Buchan

Aussie Adrian Buchan has dissapoint Kelly Slater during a US Open.
Source: AFP

AUSTRALIAN Adrian Buchan has downed a male with a biggest aim on his behind in universe surfing, besting 11-time universe champion Kelly Slater in a US Open during Huntington Pier.

The Central Coast surfer has a story of upsetting Slater with his win over a American and Brazilian Miguel Pupo relegating Slater to a do-or-die turn of 24.

“It feels good to kick Kelly (Slater),” Buchan said.

“I felt good out there this morning and it’s a best feverishness I’ve surfed out here so far.”

While Buchan claimed a biggest scalp it was South African Jordy Smith who top-scored in 1m waves, posting a 9.17 and a 8.20 in his feverishness win.

In a women’s competition, that doubles as a sixth turn of a eight-event World Tour, Tyler Wright and Sally Fitzgibbons requisitioned their spots in a quarter-finals with winning feverishness performances.

In contrast, five-time universe champion Stephanie Gilmore in a remarkable genocide fourth turn to make a final eight.

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Matt McKay

Could Matt McKay finish adult behind in a A-League?
Source: AFP

SOCCEROOS application Matt McKay has reportedly been expelled by his Chinese Super League bar Changchun Yatai.

McKay, 30, usually assimilated a struggling Changchun this year after one deteriorate in South Korea with Busan I’Park.

But according to reports from China, Changchun have split ways with McKay, a former Brisbane Roar skipper, notwithstanding him being engaged until a finish of 2014.

It’s a blow for McKay forward of subsequent year’s World Cup, however it would not be a warn if he returned to a A-League, where a horde of clubs, in sold a Roar, would be meddlesome in his services.

While not confirming a release, McKay’s representative Leo Karis pronounced he was in talks with Changchun about his client’s future.

Karis pronounced he was nonetheless to hear from any A-League clubs who competence be penetrating on bringing McKay behind to Australia.

The versatile McKay admits he has found it tough to furnish his best form during a East Asian Cup due to being asked to play opposite roles for bar and country.

A fully-fledged member of a Socceroos best XI given a 2011 Asian Cup, McKay had been approaching to be a standout in Seoul in what’s radically a second-string Australian squad.

But personification in a left-sided midfield role, McKay has unsuccessful to levy himself in dual matches in a Socceroos group that is out of contest row after Thursday night’s 3-2 detriment to Japan in Hwaseong.

McKay is no foreigner to a position, though had not played there for a while streamer into a four-nation event.

For Changchun, a 30-year-old former Brisbane Roar skipper had been used in a centre of midfield, while he was a Socceroos’ left fullback in final month’s World Cup qualifiers opposite Japan, Jordan and Iraq.

It’s during left behind where McKay approaching to have a best possibility of personification in a 2014 World Cup, and for that reason, it was approaching he would be used in that purpose during a East Asian Cup, quite as he is still building a defensive aspects of his game.

But Socceroos manager Holger Osieck opted for Michael Thwaite in a purpose in Australia’s initial dual matches of a tournament, with McKay serve adult a margin flanking a centre midfield pairing of Mark Milligan and Ruben Zadkovich.

“It’s not easy since we play during my bar in executive midfield, and come here and we play left midfield or left back,’’ pronounced McKay.

“I can do any pursuit … so it’s tough to settle really.

“I can play anywhere. It’s usually wherever we can assistance a group and my opposite attributes will help.”

With Osieck set to make indiscriminate changes for a Socceroos opposite China on Sunday, McKay might not get another possibility during this tournament.

“For a A-League boys they’ve worked unequivocally tough … they merit a chance,” he said.

“I’m certain he (Osieck) will change a group adult a bit, freshen it up. It’s a (quick) turnaround for a subsequent diversion so some uninformed legs will do us good.

“And it will be opposite a Chinese group that are full strength. They’re one of a usually teams that shaft here full strength.

“So it will be a good plea and one we consider that we can get a outcome out of.”

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Van Gisbergen

Shane Van Gisbergen heads to Ipswich in fifth place in a V8 Supercars pretension chase. Picture: Dylan Coker
Source: The Advertiser

A warn acknowledgment from V8 supercup Championship personality Jamie Whincup, claiming he’s been ‘lazy’ in past performances during Queensland Raceway, that will horde this weekend’s Ipswich 360.

KIWI ace Shane outpost Gisbergen is appearing as a wildcard that could stop Jamie Whincup from hidden his fifth V8 Supercars crown.

While he would cite to go neglected into Friday’s use for a Ipswich 360 during Queensland Raceway, a 24-year-old is a biggest hazard to Red Bull Racing’s dominance.

Whincup has owned his rivals given 2008, with James Courtney’s 2010 championship win separating a Holden star’s dual pairs of titles.

This year’s championship conflict is closer than prior years and Whincup’s teammate Craig Lowndes, and Ford twin Will Davison and Mark Winterbottom are respirating down a leader’s neck.

Van Gisbergen is using fifth, 66 points behind third-placed Davison and can kickstart a title-winning swell with a clever run during Ipswich.

“I like to consider (we’re a chance). We’re flattering rival and got good speed,” he pronounced in a singular interview.

“We’ve flown underneath a radar a little, only by being consistent. Hopefully we can only keep doing it.”

Van Gisbergen quit V8 racing final year, walking out on Stone Brothers Racing, before branch adult in a Tekno Holden this season.

The Kiwi fought a array of skirmishes in 2011 with Paul Dumbrell, who pronounced opposed outpost Gisbergen was a rubbish of time given “it’s like vocalization to a section wall”.

Van Gisbergen debuted in 2007 though announced his attainment as a contender when he all though bludgeoned Whincup off a Surfers Paradise streets in a stirring 2010 dogfight. This year he promises to turn a initial general to win an Australian furloughed automobile climax given Jim Richards in 1991.

Van Gisbergen started a deteriorate with a crash by winning a Clipsal 500 and surfaced a margin again during a Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne.

There were lectern finishes during Auckland and Texas, and he placed third in Townsville.

“Our speed’s been behind adult there after being off a final few rounds so hopefully we can perform on a weekend,” he said.

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Mark Milligan

Stand-in Socceroos skipper Mark Milligan is a actor in demand.
Source: AAP

A BATTLE-weary Mark Milligan pronounced Socceroos manager Holger Osieck had no choice though to make indiscriminate changes for Sunday’s East Asian Cup strife opposite China, regardless of either Australia still had a possibility to win a tournament.

As it is, a Socceroos are out of Cup row after Thursday night’s 3-2 detriment to Japan in Hwaseong, that followed final Saturday’s 0-0 pull with hosts South Korea in Seoul.

Osieck is a usually manager to have fielded a same starting XI in unbroken matches during a tournament, and had a Socceroos had something to play for on Sunday, he might have been tempted to make as few changes as possible.

But following a Socceroos’ defeat, Osieck betrothed to give a horde of players who have not had any diversion time a possibility on Sunday.

“The thought is that unequivocally we will give all players some run,’’ Osieck said.

“It is transparent that we will change a group for Sunday.’’

However, with a brief turnaround between games, Milligan pronounced copiousness of changes were always likely, even if a Socceroos remained in contest contention.

“I cruise it’s a conditions where changes might be forced on all a teams,’’ pronounced a male who has captained Australia’s initial East Asian Cup squad.

“We have to cruise each player’s  situation. That was utterly a tiresome diversion (against Japan). They both were.

“The boys worked unequivocally hard, (there are) a few knocks and niggles – hopefully everybody comes by okay.’’

Milligan had an ice container on his calf after Thursday’s detriment though pronounced it was zero to worry about.

“It was usually a complicated pitch. we copped a integrate of knocks. we cruise a few of a Japanese players were removing a integrate behind on me to be honest,’’ he said.

On his lapse to Australia subsequent week, a Melbourne Victory star will also have his destiny to cruise after being related with a $1 million pierce to newly promoted English Premier League bar Crystal Palace, a home of associate Socceroos midfielder Mile Jedinak.

“It’s apparently been a idea of cave for a prolonged time,’’ he told The World Game in explaining his long-held EPL ambitions.

“There’s apparently a lot of opposite resources that will come into play.’’

They embody his need for unchanging first-team football forward of subsequent year’s World Cup.

It was usually progressing this week that Milligan suggested a best place to launch his World Cup preference attack from was Melbourne.

“To pierce would be utterly a risk we think, generally when I*m so staid and happy where we am,’’ he pronounced on Wednesday.

“With me staying put in Melbourne and hopefully personification frequently in a midfield position, that’s going to give me my best possibility of not usually creation a third World Cup patrol though indeed saying diversion time.’’

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Feyenoord fan

Terminally-ill Feyenoord fan Rooie Marck is serenaded by a club’s fans during a training session. Image: YouTube

IF we suspicion a delivery of ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ during a MCG this week was adequate to move a rip to a eye, wait until we see this.

A terminally ill fan of Dutch bar Feyenoord was given a biggest warn of his life when he incited adult to watch his side being put by their paces forward of a new season, the Daily Mail reports.

Lifelong fan Rooie Marck (which means “Red Mark”) was told he had depot cancer and had days to live, and his failing wish was to see Feyenoord again.

His friends brought him to a club’s initial pre-season training event in his bed, though small did he know that a outrageous throng would be chanting his name, lighting flares and unleashing a outrageous ensign of him.

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Liverpool v Melbourne Victory

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In floods of tears, Rooie met his heroes before being helped to accommodate a crowd, who serenaded him with a stirring chronicle of You’ll Never Walk Alone.

Rooie died 3 days after a footage was filmed late final month.

You can watch it below. It’s filmed on a mobile phone and is some-more than 10 mins long, though trust us, it’s value a watch.

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Neil Henry presser

North Queensland Cowboy Neil Henry still believes his Cowboys organisation can scratch into a finals. Picture: Evan Morgan
Source: The Courier-Mail

FOR someone presumably a dead-man walking in Townsville, Neil Henry is alive and good … and surprisingly loose about a maelstrom swirling around him during a Cowboys.

Henry has been during a coalface of NRL coaching prolonged adequate to accept a hop can be as remunerative as it is cut-throat. To many, he has 7 games to save his pursuit during North Queensland. The prevalent view is _ skip a finals and Henry can join a stagnation queue.

He has listened a slew of possibilities set to reinstate him. One minute, it’s Trent Barrett. The next, Brad Arthur. Or maybe Nathan Brown. And, heck, don’t forget his partner Terry Matterson.

It seems someone, anyone, is being lined adult to reinstate Henry if a wheels tumble off totally and North Queensland turn finals spectators in a deteriorate in that they were widely sloping to make a grand final.

But spend an hour in a Cowboys’ haughtiness centre and it is clear Henry hasn’t mislaid his nerve. At 52, he sits quietly in his bureau in Asics runners and bar polo, fit over his years, looking as if he usually stepped adult out of a Cowboys gym. As he binds a H2O bottle, usually a metre divided lay a tiny laminated note pinned to a noticeboard in his office.

It is Neil Henry’s oath to a Cowboys for deteriorate 2013. A vouch to do all probable to move success to a club. And while he is a initial to accept North Queensland, floundering in 13th, are not assembly opening benchmarks, he isn’t giving adult on their deteriorate or his possess reign during a club.

“It’s a large game,” he says brazen of tonight’s showdown with a Broncos in Townsville.

“The derby games always are, nonetheless in a context of where both teams are, this one takes on combined significance since unequivocally both teams need to win 6 of 7 games to be a possibility to make a eight.

“Despite a year we’ve had, it’s not a weight to come to work, that is for sure.

“Look, we wish we am here subsequent year. But we haven’t got time to worry about that. How we play now, in a post-Origin period, is crucial.

“We have an event to wins some games and benefit some momentum, we know that a personification organisation and coaches have not mislaid a enterprise to attain and we are dynamic to pull towards a tip 8 in a entrance weeks.”

“I still have faith in my ability to coach, my rapport with a players is good and we have some good care players.

“If people see a side committed and shopping into what a manager is observant over a subsequent 7 weeks, there is a disproportion there.”

Henry admits he would be heavy-hearted if a Cowboys house revoke his agreement for subsequent season.

The landscape change has been swift, thespian and roughly imperceptible. In March, a former Canberra manager was handed a 12-month prolongation for a 2014 season. The house seemed happy enough. Eight weeks later, Henry awoke to review he had usually dual games to save his job.

That news valid baseless, nonetheless a dogs were clearly barking. Henry says a Cowboys house have been pure and supposing no denote they are scouring for his successor. But he is also useful adequate to accept that there will be a accordant pull for remodel if North Queensland dump out of a finals foe in a entrance weeks.

“It stays to be seen either we am a partial of it subsequent year,” he says with a devious grin.

“I would be unhappy if I’m not here subsequent year. Even nonetheless a deteriorate doesn’t simulate what we have finished here work wise, we have done a finals for a final dual seasons and there has been poignant change in a bar culture. we consider a bar has come brazen and there are improvements to be had in a operation of areas.

“I’d be unhappy for my staff as good since they have been a poignant partial of a growth of this bar in lifting standards; if a manager goes it affects a few other livelihoods.

“The house have been adult front and honest with me. I’m certain we would know if they were canvassing other coaches. If they were going to demeanour during other coaches, I’m certain they would daub me on a shoulder, nonetheless that hasn’t happened yet.

“I know several coaches. For example, we know Brad Arthur, if he was approached by this club, he would collect adult a phone and tell me. Coaches live in a same world, there is a mutual honour among coaches in a approach since we are all in a same boat.

“When people tell we we aren’t doing a good pursuit it’s usually a matter of time before it gets we down. But I’ve had a lot of support so that’s what keeps we going too.

“I’m a realist. If we aren’t removing results, clubs will demeanour for change. Hopefully they hang by me and we get on with a deteriorate and we’ll see where it takes us.”

On paper, a Cowboys seemed to have a makings of a top-four outfit this season. But a some-more debate comment paints a design of a organisation that has struggled for smoothness in pivotal positions.

North Queensland’s ‘spine’ _ a alloy of talent during fullback, five-eighth, halfback and harlot _ has lacked backbone.

Matt Bowen, so essential with his luminosity during fullback, has been off a gait with his damage woes. Halves Michael Morgan and Robert Lui have struggled to yield a playmaking foil for champion focus Johnathan Thurston. And during hooker, a twin departures of Aaron Payne (retirement) and student James Segeyaro (Penrith) have been felt enormously.

“We haven’t had a spine there consistently personification good footy and that has influenced a other players as well,” Henry says.

“It has been one of those years where we haven’t had smoothness in pivotal positions. Some of a forwards have been really unchanging and we don’t have a problem rolling adult a field, nonetheless it’s how we get over a tryline that is a genuine problem for us.

“That is a disproportion between a tip teams and a bottom. The best teams are means to redress their areas flattering fast they were deficient in and go again. In a behind of their head, they design to win a game. Other sides who are unsuitable wish to win. You can’t be anticipating and relying.

“There is no doubt we should be aloft than we are. We should be adult around eighth, we should have had another 3 wins and that is where we should be.

“To contend we should be sitting in second or third is not picturesque given we haven’t excelled or had coherence in those pivotal positions.”

The subsequent 8 days could make or mangle a Cowboys. After tonight’s strife opposite a Broncos, they horde premiership pacesetters a Rabbitohs.

If they remove both, North Queensland’s deteriorate is toast … and a house will face an agonising call on Henry.

“We won’t make a finals from here unless everybody plays their role,” Henry said.

“It’s not about ‘JT’ (Thurston) entrance out and winning 7 games for us. We have faith in a patrol nonetheless for a patrol to be pulling for a semis and winning a competition, we all need to play well, be healthy and be staid in pivotal positions.

“We are perplexing to deliver what we can out of a deteriorate … we will know a lot some-more in a entrance weeks.”







Matt Bowen

Matt Bowen has struggled with damage this year. Picture: Sam Ruttyn


Johnathan Thurston with manager Neil Henry during Cowboys training. Picture: Evan Morgan

Matt Scott

North Queensland Cowboys captain Matt Scott will be looking to enthuse his infantry to make it by to a NRL finals. Picture: Evan Morgan

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James Taylor

James Taylor will be out to stir opposite a Aussies in Brighton.
Source: AFP

NOTTINGHAMSHIRE batsman James Taylor has emerged as a heading claimant to reinstate Kevin Pietersen in a third Test opposite Australia if a England star fails to redeem from injury.

Pietersen suffered a calf aria during a second Test during Lord’s and was incompetent to take a margin for Australia’s second innings.

The South Africa-born batsman is now undergoing diagnosis forward of a Old Trafford Test, that starts subsequent Thursday (EST).

But England’s selectors have earmarked Taylor as a male to step adult in box Pietersen doesn’t redeem and it has been announced a 23-year-old will temporarily switch counties and play for Sussex opposite Australia in a debate compare this week.

“We would like to appreciate Nottinghamshire and Sussex for their support and bargain in permitting Nottinghamshire batsman James Taylor to play for Sussex opposite Australia in a three-day debate compare commencement on Friday,” pronounced England manager Andy Flower in a statement.

“This will yield James with a profitable event to play in a longer format of a diversion while we cruise a options forward of a third Ashes Test subsequent week.

“Kevin Pietersen is stability his liberation from a calf aria and a preference about his accessibility for a Test will be done nearer a time.”

The three-day diversion starts during Hove on Friday (EST), with Australia looking to build adult some certainty after dual demoralising waste in a initial and second Tests.

Taylor has done dual appearances for England, with a final entrance opposite South Africa during Lord’s in Aug final year.

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John Cotterill

Ning Pan of China clashes with Jarrod Gilchrist of Australia during a Men’s Water Polo rough turn compare between China and Australia during day 5 of a 15th FINA World Championships.
Source: AAP

John Cotterill

Goalkeeper James Clark of Australia attempts to save a shot during idea during a Men’s Water Polo rough turn compare during a 15th FINA World Championships.
Source: AAP

John Cotterill

John Cotterill of Australia looks to pass a turn as Junliang Guo of China goes in to tackle during a Men’s Water Polo rough turn compare during a 15th FINA World Championships.
Source: AAP


 of 3


THE Australian men’s H2O polo organisation on Wednesday cumulative their initial win during a 2013 FINA universe championships with a scrappy 9-7 outcome over Group C rivals China on day 4 in Spain.

The Aussie Sharks tender in a opening 3 quarters, holding a Chinese to only 3 goals with some steely defence, before switching off to palm their opponents a spot of victory.

Coach Elvis Fatovic was unhappy by a Sharks’ miss of joining for a full match, though was gratified with a vigilant shown in a opening exchanges.

“We started to play some good counterclaim for a initial 3 quarters, however we stopped personification counterclaim in a final quarter. We contingency urge a counterclaim by personification to a final alarm and afterwards a pursuit is done,” Fatovic said.

Australia jumped out early snaring a 4-1 lead and extended that advantage during halftime around a double to captain Rhys Howden and goals to Richie Campbell, Aidan Roach, Jarrod Gilchrist and Tyler Martin.

In a forbidding third term, Australia increasing their lead to 5 goals during a final mangle with strikes to Howden and Campbell and, when Joel Swift converted 30 seconds into a final quarter, a Sharks were in authority during 9-3.

But that was a finish of their prevalence as China scored 3 goals in 60 seconds to revoke a domain to 9-6 with 5:17 remaining. The Sharks conceded another with 8 seconds left.

Captain Howden was gratified to get a initial win though conceded a organisation could ill means to switch off opposite some of a some-more gifted nations including their final Group C opponents Hungary.

“It was good to get a initial win for a tournament. It was an critical win currently after a detriment a other day. The initial half for us was glorious and it started from a improving counterclaim gripping them to dual goals. In attack, we put divided a opportunities and put them underneath a lot of pressure,” Howden said.

“The second half, however, we mislaid a bit of thoroughness and mentally switched off creation simple mistakes. They switched adult their counterclaim and we didn’t adjust fast enough.”

The Hungary strife is scheduled for Friday night (6.50 AEST), while a Australian women’s team, a Stingers, top off their organisation matches opposite South Africa progressing on Friday (2.50am AEST).

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